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I think I'll watch that again right now.

My husband gave me a very annoying headcold, which has been mercifully less awful in my incarnation than it was in his. I have been moping around the house for a couple of days with it, though, and I'm ready for it to end.

Let's see. I finally registered for Constrict again. This should be the year where I just admit that I'm going next year too and buy a membership while still at the con. Duh. Next step: hotel. Must call & book a room.

Have at last picked up and begun work on the Summer of Giles project. I hope you'll like it. Advance hint: Giles/Buffy, long. This one is at least well mapped-out. All I need to do is write the missing bits and enjoy myself while I do it. "All I need to do". Ha. I'm going to try to let myself have fun with this one. No hidden meanings or elaborate metaphorical games. Just a story about two people doin' stuff.

Doctor Who: OMFG. That completely makes up for last week, and then some. Neil Gaiman does not disappoint. (I suspect there will be spoilers if anybody comments, so beware. ETA: no spoilers so far, just squee.)
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