I think I'll watch that again right now.

My husband gave me a very annoying headcold, which has been mercifully less awful in my incarnation than it was in his. I have been moping around the house for a couple of days with it, though, and I'm ready for it to end.

Let's see. I finally registered for Constrict again. This should be the year where I just admit that I'm going next year too and buy a membership while still at the con. Duh. Next step: hotel. Must call & book a room.

Have at last picked up and begun work on the Summer of Giles project. I hope you'll like it. Advance hint: Giles/Buffy, long. This one is at least well mapped-out. All I need to do is write the missing bits and enjoy myself while I do it. "All I need to do". Ha. I'm going to try to let myself have fun with this one. No hidden meanings or elaborate metaphorical games. Just a story about two people doin' stuff.

Doctor Who: OMFG. That completely makes up for last week, and then some. Neil Gaiman does not disappoint. (I suspect there will be spoilers if anybody comments, so beware. ETA: no spoilers so far, just squee.)
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I won't say any spoilers yet, as I just watched it and I imagine some folks won't have seen it yet, but wow, just wow. I loved this. Actually I almost loved the Confidential as much. It was very arty and interesting with Monsieur Gaiman doing his reading with all the old clips.
We also loved the Confidential! The prop shop, Gaiman reading, the external view of the sets, all good stuff.
How much do I want to Gaiman to write the rest of the season??

I'd take some Paul Cornell writing in there as well! Just please, no more Steven Thompson, because last week was dreadful.
Ohh that was perfect. Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted that to happen.

And Neil Gaiman made it 100 times better than anything my imagination could come up with.

Matt Smith just proved again that he is one hell of an actor. Yes - I cried. But ended the ep with a stupid arsed, goofy grin on my face.
He really went straight after one of the core things about the Doctor, didn't he? It tied in with past canon, gave us some new details to fill in a sketchy story, and opened up more possibilities than it closes. It was pure awesome.
Totally - and yet, there are people complaining.

One of the most incredibly stupid complaints was that it "lacked the emotional resonance of the RTD era". I mean WTF??

I think they were watching a totally different episode...lol
Buffy/Giles? Long? Can't wait! :D

Ooh and sorry about your head cold. :( *pet* *pet*

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Can't wait to see a new Buffy/Giles story! Hope you feel better! Going to go download the new Dr Who now. Since everyone so far says it really good!