Doctor Who s06e03

I will not be commenting on this week's Doctor Who because it wasn't worth the time wasted watching it.

Glare glare glare.
Agreed, but kinda figured it'd be a filler episode. Only really interesting bit was the last 60 seconds.
yeah, I didn't mention it because I figured it'd be too spoilery. Not sure I like where I think this is headed, but we'll see.
Matt Smith couldn't quite carry that material. I suppose every actor in the role has been asked, at times, to sell cruddy scripts. (Poor Sylvester McCoy!) This script was beyond cruddy and right into poorly-constructed, however, with gaping plot holes and suddenly vanishing characters. Though maybe that was the editing or the director.

Whatever. We will not speak of it again.
I haven't seen the ep yet, but I'll go in with this in mind - Rory dreamed the whole episode after too much Mexican food.
Is there a new rule that the third episode must suck? I have a protest to make.

The Confidential, however, started off with two minutes of Matt Smith being awesome and encouraging children to write and ended with Neil Gaiman talking about how much he wants to steal the TARDIS.
Oh ho! Mr P has been asking about the Confidentials-- yes, I have a fanboy on my hands now-- so I should see if they're iTunes-able. Gaiman's ep is this season, yes?
I want him to read the entire ep to me now.

I know, right? If you ever have the chance to listen to Stardust on audiobook, do it! He reads the whole thing himself. *swoons*
Yeah, agreed. Quite frankly I saw the title and was like "well, this'll suck".
Well, it *could* have been a good old-fashioned rolic. Best classic Who serial ever (arguably) is "The Curse of Fenric", so the title itself doesn't doom it. Everything else, though... Ugh.

ETA: Not sure what I meant when I typed "rolic". Might have meant either "frolic" or "romp".

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I think that's all that needs to be said...

What you said, I mean...not the *LMAO* that I said. Um...I just confused myself, I think...
Well I was happy in that I didn't have to THINK. LOL Sometimes a normal romp is what the Doctor ordered - this didn't quite deliver though.

Hugh Bonneville though - yum!

And - WET DOCTOR. I would sit through hours of crap for that. And the scene where the Captain ran to Toby, Amy ran to Rory...and the Doctor ran to the Tardis, hugged and kissed her was a delight.

I think I shall go track down screencaps of wet Doctor...