dr who 11

Doctor Who season 6 episode 2

Within, notes from my second watch of this week's Who.

And! The central mystery-- how does the Doctor die and why-- is left unexplained. So. We must watch the rest of the season to figure it out. We are distracted by the question of who the kid in the spacesuit is.

No American accents were harmed in the making of this week's Doctor Who. And the Nixon approximation bothered me even more than it did last week. I bet it would bother older Americans even more than it bugged me. Also bugging me: being asked to believe that Nixon was a good guy in any way whatsoever. Though it was pretty funny to think of the Doctor as being the one who set off the taping & paranoia thing.

River & the Doctor share their first & last kiss. I think that might be taking the back-to-front thing a bit too literally, because they certainly could do chunks of their shared stories in the right order. However, the tragedy remains. And the amazing chemistry of the two. That flirting over how many of the Silence she'd shoot was awesome. Yes. I'm shipping them.

I could have done without the bombastic and terrible soundtrack music over the moon landing bit. Man, I hate that composer with a burning passion.

"What kind of doctor are you?"
"Archaelogy. shoots Love a tomb."

Mr Pedia was greatly amused that Rory saluted improperly. That is, he saluted with an open palm in the British manner. The American soldiers are depicted, correctly, saluting palm-down. It's a tell.

So. Yeah. How much Canton slash was written overnight?

TIME LORD KID? Time Lord kid. Oh boy. Oh dear. Or maybe Amy's kid turned out to have a time head after all.

And next week it's swashbuckling.
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I've seen one Canton/Jack already.

And thank you for the quote - "Love a tomb." makes ever more sense than the "level 2" that I heard.

This leaves me wondering if the average British person knows how to salute correctly (for them). I certainly don't know how to salute as an American.
I think the saluting thing is the sort of thing you learn when you are sent to military school as was Mr P. But now it is a trivia tidbit you know! Win bar bets! Er.
Shipping River/Doctor is one of life's guilty pleasures and should be enjoyed to the last! I went back and watched the library episodes and I seriously teared up when she said, "Doctor, please tell me you know who I am?" and he denies it. Gah!

It's going to kill me waiting to see how everything plays out.
Mr P is speculating at me madly. His speculation involves the TWO people we were shown feeling ill after encountering the Silence in the first ep. And the pregnant/not-pregnant thing in ep 2. And the timelordy nature of the kid.
I gave in and read spoilers about it, which I shall not share because spoilers are evil and there's always hope what I read was wrong!
Oh man, I am loving it!

And the end - OMG that end. Is she Amy's kid (if so, I can't see the Doctor being the daddy - especially with how he freaked at a mere kiss - not to mention that adorable kiss with River where he was SOO awkwardly adorable)? Or is that picture a huge misdirection? What about that weird woman who appeared "in" the door in the Orphanage muttering something about dreaming?

Have the Silence "nutured" their own Time Lord in order to operate the time machine that was seen underground - which was the same as the one above Craig's flat...

ARGH - too many questions! But. Matt Smith is just adorable...lol.... and Pirates next week with the one filmed down here in Cornwall! YAY!
Moffett is going to make my head explode I swear.

I definitely want more of River because she's a BAMF. (And I may have a slight crush on Alex Kingston in this role).