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Just checking in.

I think I've figured out what I'm going to do for summer_of_giles. I will attempt not to tip my hand. Now I have a lot of fresh writing to do! I have this one mapped out fairly well, so I hope to make some solid progress. I have one month to do it, because next month is Domestic Novel Writing Month in my neck of the woods.

My hope, by the way, is to post a new story some time this week. It will depend on how hard my beta-reader hits me over the head.

While de-cluttering, I found a stack of old Trek zines, full of classic K/S and K/S/M. My introduction to fandom! I am afraid to read them. I fear they haven't aged well.

Nerding it hardcore: I now have working mongodb, Redis, and sqlite versions of my ficsite generation tool. (The sqlite one is the production tool. Ha.) This is slightly absurd, but has been a deliberate learning exercise for Mongoid, Ohm, and Datamapper respectively. I'm getting myself up to speed on the new world of nosql. Redis+Ohm was fairly clumsy at holding typed data, but the tags implementation using it was impressively small. Also ungodly fast. My next project is to do something using Riak and Ripple. Or maybe I'll ditch Ruby and take the node.js plunge. It is the new cool thing.

And I am all about what's hip.
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