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1301 checkins into my fic subversion repository. The last ten or so were for the current story, which is indeed at a complete draft phase. Portions of it are quite polished and other chunks not so much. I have sent it off to the Squid Doctor, who might or might not manage to read it before her usual adventures begin. I might give it to Mr P and tell him to stop reading the second they leave the pub so his tender eyes are spared the yucky kissing parts. That is, if I am willing to brave the lecture about not writing my own stuff this weekend.

I did work on that, though. As a fidget story. That is, a procrastination sink.

I tend to get into manic checkpointing mode when I near the end of a story. Particularly when I'm about to do major surgery on a scene or slaughter a darling or something. Check in then hack & slash secure in the knowledge that my deathless prose(tm) is safe in version control if I need to rescue any of its deathlessness.

I think I'll go do the newsletter now a little early. Phew.
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