dr who 11

Doctor Who season 6 episode 1

When iTMS decided to give me the new Who: overnight.
My assessment of that time delay: acceptable.
My review of the episode: OMGWTFBBQ.
My opinion of Moffat: rising.
Number of times Mr Pedia has watched it already: at least 2.

Way to raise the stakes right away, Moffat. Wow. That episode slams into action and doesn't let up. Great economy of storytelling, too. It doesn't explain anything in those first scenes. By the time it bothers to explain anything, it's in sequel to the boat-burning scene, when the viewers need a second to recover from that shock.

The companions with a secret to keep from the Doctor and responsibility to solve the problem themselves: yes, good, wonderful, a nice redistribution of power.

Matt Smith was solid. The distinction between his 1109-year-old self and his 900-whatever self was clear. Every time I watch him I think that we're watching the best Doctor in modern Who, by a long shot, and that Eleven will be a Doctor for the ages like Four. The banter with River was faboo and non-stop rapid-fire, which he's great at. Alex Kingston is a lovely foil for him.

God, River Song's story. We know how it ends. We've known how it ends all along. She doesn't. She's going backwards. The tragedy of it was right there, even as she's making flip comments about how people shouldn't put locks on things if they don't want her opening doors. And lines like: "We do what the Doctor's Companions always do. What we're told." Wonderful commentary on the relationship from somebody who's more of an equal to him than most. Which, by the way, is painfully necessary. All the hero worship had started to make the Doctor more of a goopy Gary Stu than usual, and he's a Gary Stu to start with.

Mark Sheppard doing an American accent was disconcerting at first. All the American accents were a bit off. I suppose this is the reaction our cousins overseas have to things like James Marsters attempting to sound British. (Though his accent was so bad it bothered even me.) Hugh Laurie and Peter Sellers get gold stars here and pretty much nobody else.

Nixon was... hmm. American reactions to Nixon are so complicated. It is amusing to see the British use of him, is all I'll say.

About the puzzle: it'll be the least interesting thing about the episodes at the end of the season, won't it? It's a lot of fun trying to guess right now though. One thing I love about the writing even before I know the solution is the time-travel aspect of it. Moffat writes time-travel stories. The box travels in time and space both and using that is good. Good, good.

My guesses about the puzzle? Mr Pedia & I said this as we watched: You can't change the incident. What you have to do is change the meaning of the incident. And there's a space suit sitting in a packing crate in that warehouse. The Doctor put the helmet on and flipped up the visor, just to underline it.

Who is River Song? You better tell us soon, Moffat.
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What you have to do is change the meaning of the incident. And there's a space suit sitting in a packing crate in that warehouse. The Doctor put the helmet on and flipped up the visor, just to underline it.

I'm really curious about how they're doing to do that! That's quite a final death scene for a Timelord, there.
I think that there's going to be time paradox and killing the futur!doctor for good is the only way to fix things. The Doctor will save himself by killing himself. It's a sort of non-suicide?

Now there's the problem of killing future!Doctor without killing the future of the show.

I guess the only solution is to have two possible futures for our Doctor, and therefore another future!Doctor whose face won't be revealed because he won't necessarily look like Matt Smith.

My husband rewatched it immediately afterward to figure some things out. I'm planning on a rewatch right before seeing part 2. Yeah, it was confusing in places.
Overall I quite liked the episode, though some bits that aren't important bugged me. I'm loving the way that the Doctor and River interact although it does seem strange to me every time they emphasize that she knows more about the Tardis than him. That does bother me, but not a huge detail.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they end this one, the writing was great and the story moved along nicely.
I think that's a bit of an old school Who joke: Romana also drove the TARDIS better than the Fourth Doctor. She'd read the manual.
code-names were hilarious. mrs.robinson! was that why the slap? i do love dr.song, dr+dr=angsty glee. i'm on rewatch 3, havn't sussed it yet.
Five seconds before River slapped him, I shouted at the screen for Amy to slap him. I was a-okay with River doing it, though.

Mrs Robinson is all wrong anyway. He's older than she is. SMACK.
Agreed - especially about 11. I just totally adore 11. And to think, I had major reservations about Matt Smith taking over. The dude had my heart within 5 minutes of "Eleventh Hour". And he has just got better and better.

Without doubt, the best NewWho Doctor. And secondly only to Tom in my ratings. Interestingly, Dr Who producer, Marcus Wilson had this to say:

“Matt Smith’s role as The Doctor could go on and on,” he said. “He makes the show a great environment to work in. He turns up with a lot of energy, welcomes the guest cast and is ready to work. Matt and co-star Karen Gillan have a sweet brother-sister relationship. You cut the camera and immediately they’re dancing to some tune that they’re singing. They both love it. Matt especially is very keen to continue in the role.”

The last sentence is love. LOL. I can't wait to see how the Grand Moff pulls all this together though.
I am planning on watching this again before part two next week. I don't think my brain can take it any sooner.

I think River's moment with Rory just about killed me. Oy. All the little character moments in this episode were just spot on. (Also it just thrilled me that they cast Morgan Sheppard and Mark Sheppard together! Father and Son as the same character, heh.)
You know, I couldn't stand River Song opposite 10, but I adore her opposite 11. She just feels like she fits with him, where she was all wrong before. But yeah, after watching this episode, it did make me want to go back and watch Silence in the Library again. This time, it will feel like a weird time travel episode, which I'll enjoy.

The distinction between his 1109-year-old self and his 900-whatever self was clear. THIS. His older self seemed sad and weary and kind of grateful to have things at an end, finally. Great acting!

I've had it in mind for a long time that River is the one that finally kills him, so I'm pretty convinced it's her in the spacesuit. Especially since he said, "It's okay, I know it's you." before he was shot.
Re: River killing him -- and she says "of course not" after she tries to fire at the space suit, which I've heard interpreted as "well, of course I can't kill my past self".
YES! I forgot about that part, but I do remember thinking that she knew it was herself in the spacesuit.
Moffat has stated that we learn who River is in episode 7, which is right after the break.

Matt Smith continues to astonish me. His range is incredible, and I maintain that he plays old better than anyone else in that role.