Giles/Xander question

I think that creative team deserves to be paid for its work.

I haven't seen Who yet. Soon! I have no idea when my iTunes season pass will suddenly spit the episode out at me. I am avoiding spoilers until then. I trust this writing team to give me a payoff that satisfies in exchange for me avoiding spoilers.

Fic witterage: I've rewritten the final big conversation about three times now, and I think it might be right. Finally. Maybe. Meanwhile, I'm still shying away from the final scene. Maybe it isn't meant to be there. Unsure. Sex y/n? Maybe I'm just focusing on the wrong aspect of the scene. I need to ask myself what about my POV character's movement it illustrates. If it does. Dither, dither.

The upside is that my fidget story and my other story are getting lots of procrastination-inspired work! Chapter 2 of the story provisionally entitled Reprehensible Schoolboy Kink is coming along nicely. So is chapter 3. Erk. That one is getting all the smut the other one isn't. I could almost post them, but I'm going to wait until I've got at least 5 chapters done.

I signed up for summer_of_giles. You should too! I am trying to decide between two stories to finish for it. Iceland or knighting? Iceland or knighting? Gah. Opine at me.

Now back to project #3.
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Oh god. The summer_of_giles dilemma.

I really really really want to write something for it, but the New York fic seems to be meandering well past the time it was supposed to be done (ie. now) and I'm about to have my writing time fairly seriously restricted and besides I don't even know what I'd write.

(I do have that anonymous clubsex piece but that just isn't developing the emotional... well, anything, that it needs.)

But I really really really want to write something for it.

I feel no need to opine on what you should write, because you know exactly where my vote is.

"Anonymous clubsex" has an emotional void deliberately built into it, yes? If emotional relationships are to develop, they'll be in the removal of the anonymity and what that means to the characters. In fact, there can be some huge reactions to that, depending on how you do it. There is also emotional tension in how these people came to seek out anonymous sex. There has to be some kind of movement in, say, Xander, to develop him from his various canonical states to that desire. That's interesting.

I say this knowing nothing about the setup of this story, so the above might or might not work with what you're thinking.

I am also thinking that I better get draft 2 the complete boogaloo to you before this weekend, huh?

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The story is the overcoming of the emotional void. All these things you list are the exact things the emotional arc is supposed to be, but somehow it's just not... being. I feel like I just need to catch myself in the right mood, and I'll make it work.

Send it if you can, and I shall play with it if I can. I fly in 2.5 days and then will be with friends, so my fic time gets very rocky from there.

Gonna try to get this to you tonight, if it means staying past my bedtime. I can smell a really truly finished for realz this time complete draft from here.
There's nothing to stop a person buying an iTunes season pass and then giving in to Other Temptations. Not that this happened to me. It was a dream. A friend's dream. And she doesn't remember it.
I might or might not have decided earlier this evening that I had purchased the moral right(tm) to watch certain television shows in what I decided to call a "time-shifted format". Which seems appropriate. Cough.
thanks so much for the pimp lady!

(as for what to write and how to solve it, i have no opinions but i hope whatever happens a way becomes clearer soon)
I'm all for Iceland. Finish Iceland. For some reason the juxtaposition of Iceland against the general summer temperatures seems fitting.

That's my opining.

I hope you see Who soon. I am still in a state of utter fangirl squee, which I haven't been in for ages.

I may sign up for Summer of Giles. I need a fannish kick in the pants.
Absolutely worth avoiding the spoilers.

I saw the premiere, and then I saw some of the trailers the BBC released, and I really felt that a couple of them killed the suspense on a key moment. The payoff going into it blind is incredible.
iTunes gave me the trailers as well as the filming-of already and I am resolutely avoiding them. I have now seen part 1, though. No comments yet other than "omg". And "next week is a long time to wait".
Next week's cliffhanger is just as bad. My theory is that Moffat is doing horrible cliffhangers for every episode.
Anonymous lj lurker (but devoted reader) says Iceland!