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Still off the coffee. Well, the caffeinated kind, anyway.

I am one sex scene away from a finished story. I had a protracted battle with a pair of conversations, but they fell before me and my editing pen of death this morning. Now I must put the frosting on the fannish cupcake. Maybe with sprinkles. This paragraph needs more metaphors. How about a weather one?

What that scene needs is a gimmick. A character hook. A quirk that bears no relation at all to the rest of the story that is interesting yet meaningless. I'll think of something. (Now when you read it you can try to figure out what I decided to do.)

I have at least two other projects seriously vying for my brain time these days, so progress has happened in fits and starts. Fortunately I find that doing good work in one project tends to feed into making good progress in the others. It is a feedback loop of goodness.

Scent: I am tempted to break my you have enough BPAL for your natural lifespan you can't buy any more NO rule for some of these RPG scents. nemaihne, you are horrible for telling me about them. I still wear BPAL just about every day. I have enough, however. ENOUGH.

Iron: I lifted more weights this week. They were heavier than last week. Repeat that every week. I can haz biceps. I used to watch Crossfit videos of women lifting as inspiration. Now I watch them and think, "wow, that's a light weight she's using." But given that most women only wave around tiny pink weights while doing aerobics, those Crossfit chicks are still strong women. And inspirational.
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Yay for almost ready new fic from you! Very eager to read :)