Giles/Xander 4

Murfpmmpph. Harrumph.

You know, I'm perfectly happy to be grumpy with LJ's attempts to be Facebook and all that, but I'll be damned if somebody's attempt to suppress political dissent via DDOS attack will be the thing to drive me off. So. I'm camping here for the duration. You can sort of see the end of the era grumbling its way toward us, slowly yet inevitably, but it's not here yet.

I might, however, turn off anonymous posting because of spam despite my strong feelings about the value of anonymity. Driving me crazy.

In other news, I kicked caffeine a couple of weeks ago. It was utterly miserable. I was a dead thing dragging around for days. Then zoom, back to normal, only I fall asleep like someone flips off my lightswitch at 10:30 every night. I wake up with the cats. I also gave up alcohol. I think I'm going off that bandwagon soon, though.

I did some absurd things with the giles_watchers auto-generation script this weekend. It was fun. I regret nothing! (If there are no items in the preview, it's because somebody posted the newsletter some time after I posted this entry.)

Now I'm going to attempt to have the thing ready to send to the beta reader that I said I would have ready this weekend oh dear. That was some quality procrastination. There are still entire scenes missing. I need to wind this up, post it, and pick up my summer_of_giles project. With four months to write, I might just be able to finish something chewy. Maybe.
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My primary journal is DW for a lot of reasons, but the attack on LJ (and the reason for it) is making me seriously consider getting a paid account on LJ again to help support their work. Because, okay, they don't treat fandom as nicely as I'd like, but you know what? Free speech and political activism is way more important, in the grand scheme of things.

Regarding the DDOS attacks: *word*. People are pissed at lj for being attacked, now? I'm so damned tired of lj getting dumped on over stupid shit.

Don't worry about that beta reader. I have reliable word that she was deeply tied up in other activities all weekend.

I had that reaction too: "Really? You're mad at *LJ* for this? When LJ is showing unexpected spine for a good reason?" It is an example of the halo effect biasing their thinking.
I thought we'd finally got to the point where people who thought everyone should dump LJ and move to DW had finally moved there and left us alone. Alas, no.

I kicked caffeine in January. I had one week of feeling totally crappy with headaches and now I feel great. I've cut down my alcohol intake, but I am not giving it up completely!
I think I'm gonna be right in your camp: some alcohol, not too much, but I'm not going on caffeine again soon. That withdrawal was miserable.
I'm a relative newbie to LJ but I love being here. I have DW as a backup, but I plan on sticking around. And of course, I'm now keeping an eye open for summer_of_giles because I think i may well be signing up *gulp*
I can identify with having to give up coffee. In my early working days in the hospital, would sometimes have 18 not good. Now down to two per day. Down to one or two glasses of wine on the weekend. Still like a fine glass of wine with a good dinner though.