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I still haven't finished meeting my obligations from last summer's charity auction (no, I have not forgotten, am still chugging), so I may not get involved in another one. But there is one going on if you're so inclined: help_japan. We've had a lot of humanitarian crises in the last year, but this one is staggering in scope. You might, however, want to consider how to make sure your donation is effective.
Spammity spam: Livejournal is once again in hot water with Spamhaus for hosting known spam sites and doing nothing about it for weeks. This is why your notifications/PMs/etc were getting spamblocked. It's not clear why our new Russian overlords are doing nothing. It is clear that LJ is slowly dying as a site for fannish journals, and there really isn't a replacement out there. Tumblr's pretty unsatisfying for what fans do on LJ. Ah, well, it'll take a few more years to crumble.

Random: A plea for baked weblogs. I don't get why people need databases to serve blog content. What's dynamic about it? This is one reason why my fic archive tool design uses a database as a local cache for generating/regenerating static pages. It's possible to be blazingly fast serving static pages. It takes a lot of work to make sql-backed pages serve quickly. And if you're using ORMs & heavyweight frameworks, you probably have no idea why your sql-backed pages are rendering slowly. And how freaking often does that content actually change? Never, compared to how often it's being served. What's more you have a really clear bottleneck to use for regeneration: the moment when the user adds a new post/story/whatever. You can take seconds to regenerate then and it's fine, there's no expectation of instant response.

Witter witter: Let's see, what else? Wrote 2000 words of rather Buffy/Xander-ish kink fic yesterday, in a surprising burst of id-tastic activity. The world clamors for this, I know. In the sense of "not at all". Especially the Buffy/Oz/Xander bits. (I have mentioned this story before.) I guess I just needed a break from the serious stuff. Where by "serious" I mean that stories where concerns about craft slow me down. I need to stop taking everything seriously. WTB sense of play.

Okay, back to work now. /irony
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Thanks for the link on effective donations. I've been sort of gasping at the scale of the disaster from the sidelines and wanting to to do something to help, but at the same time thinking that if the country hasn't asked for aid...

I mean, surely all the money pouring in must be going SOMEWHERE and hopefully to a good cause. And the help_japan auction is the biggest I've ever seen. I hope that people are giving open ended gifts to accredited relief organizations so that everything can be put to good use.

Mostly I'm just nervous about the whole charity V-gifts thing... I've got an awful feeling that our Evil Russian Overlords have found a new way to make money.
I really wouldn't do the lj v-gift thing. Ugh. I wonder how much of that money ends up anywhere useful. I'd do a direct donation to Doctors Without Borders. That ends up being my answer every time, because they do the hard stuff without flash.
Ooh, interesting article, thank you.

I always end up a little split on donations at times like this, because I imagine that as well as drawing extra donations, it likely diverts donations away from less media-friendly causes in far poorer countries. Surely the easiest solution is to just give money to a major (trustworthy) charity, untagged.

Are there really donors who'd be upset to find out that if the Japanese government has the infrastructure to support its own people (once it gets its shit together), their money might instead go to oral rehydration therapy or malaria prevention in places where people die needlessly year-round, every year?

Regarding fic: yes. There is something so lovely about remembering how it feels to write when one drops all the crafting and just plays with the characters. And I've produced fic just as good that way as the other.

If you are talking about Buffy/Xander kink then clamouring is *me*, which is not 'not at all'. It's *me*. Is this part of the Buffy/Xander/Oz set? Because I love that set. Especially Buffy and Xander with the dirty raw fucking. If it's not part of that set, if it's some other reason for Buffy/Xander kink, then that's okay, too.

This is the Buffy & Xander with the dirty raw fucking. And other things now, a veritable laundry list of kinky things that Oz eggs them on into doing. I might post in chunks, dunno. Lots of it is fairly polished at this point, and it's not like it's story-shaped with any kind of definitive ending.

I was disconcerted when I first started reading about charities & where the stuff goes. Some really are just way more effective than others. And you need to make sure they support your overall goals. I am a huge fan of boosting basic medical services. MSF almost always gets my disaster donations as a result.
You don't see dreamwidth as a viable alternative to lj? (no agenda here, just interested in your opinion)

Japan. :-( The sheer magnitude of the disaster is, I think, stopping people from discussing it much as we just don't know what to say.
In the case of unexpected LJ collapse, people might move to Dreamwidth. But it's pretty clear that fandom doesn't really want to move there. I know that when I think of DW these days, three things flash through my mind: hideous layouts, those humorless twits who hate h/c and wrote metafandom screeds about it, and the Clan Mitchell anti-fanfic wank that the founder was involved in. I always end up asking myself if that's the kind of community I want to be associated with.