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Research list as long as my arm, check.

What I just googled for: the height in feet and inches of the Queen of England. Ah, the absurdity. (Buffy is really short. I'm sure you knew that, but she's short. I'm just coming to grips with it.) Have also been skimming for the meanings of heraldry symbols and other nonsense. I'll probably get it all wrong, so that means I'll need to be sketchy in the story so as to avoid embarrassing and suspension-of-disbelief-marring wrongness. Or I could get a subject-matter expert for an early reader. I am really and truly driving toward a complete draft of this thing, but oddly today I was distracted by more outlining for my original story-in-progress.

I am also procrastinating greatly with playlists. I've been hopping around through the mixes on A Strangely Isolated Place, sifting for melodic gems in the dry ambient dust. And mostly failing to find them.

Mr Pedia & I were discussing modern theme song travesties. One example would be the Doctor Who reboot music, which is an orchestral mauling of a musique concrete genius original. Seriously bad, for both Ten and Eleven versions. The 80s-era tinny Yamaha FM synth versions were better than the crap we have now. I wondered what the new Hawaii Five-O theme song sounds like. Mr P predicted that it would be sadly sucky. Neither one of us had heard it and we were, at the time, away from anything we could use to validate or ease our fears. I am happy to report that while the Ventures' original is still kick-ass, so is the re-recording. Sadly truncated, but what can you do? TV theme songs are generally diminished from past glories. The elves are leaving us and the world is thinning, oh woes.

Clute-isms are an in-joke in our household but possibly not in yours. I also note that I have about zero interest in watching the show, but I ♥ the Ventures so I cared about the music.

I see that metafandomwank is linking to grudgewank again. And that everybody who predicted a slippery slope from the warnings wank go-round two years ago was entirely correct. "Choose not to warn" looks more and more tempting to me. Well, if I level with you I went with that ages ago on my fic archive site. There are exactly two things I warn for, and one of them is about keeping my Australian friends safe from their government. The other is character death.

Because, you know, my stories are so edgy and full of dark stuff.
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