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Lorem ipsum dolor est has a challenger.

I sit and drink my delicious post-workout protein shake and type at you. Yes, I have turned into one of those: I have a giant bucket of whey protein powder in my kitchen. Today I spent a lot of time trying to learn a new overhead press technique, one that lets you rest the weight on your shoulders after each press. So you can, you know, go heavy. I'm not flexible enough, though. Yet. I'm working on it. One thing this weightlifting hobby has done for me is vastly improve my mobility.

Friends, I'm heading deeper into middle age in the best health of my life. Fear my bone density! Chaaaaarge!

I'm doing a proper watch-through of Spartacus and making Mr Pedia watch it with me this time. Which is not hard. I just put it on the TV and at some point he settles down on the couch with me. Outbreaks of sex are likely to drive him out of the room again, though he's immune to the naked men scraping themselves with strigils while politicking thing. I'm watching for John Hannah & Lucy Lawless's characters at the moment, because they are by far the most fascinating things on the screen. Spartacus himself lacks a bit of dramatic tension, because we know how his story must end. The same for Crixus if you know the history of whatever the heck Servile War it was. So plots that depend on "will Spartacus survive this dreadful fight against this semi-human opponent?" are boring, because the answer is always "yes, duh". Will his buddies survive? Now that's an interesting question.

Oh, and 30K words and still not at a complete first draft on the knighting story. I suspect the second draft will be a lot of work, to figure out what needs to get cut and what deserves the words. Back to it now. Today's task is finishing off a vampire fight sequence. Two of them. One at the beginning and one near the end. There will be commentary in the second upon the first, yes of course, and keeping that non-obvious is making me sweat.

I leave you with placekitten, a highly useful service. ETA: also this amazing view of a shuttle launch, one of the last two ever.
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