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Still pondering lunch instead of eating it.

I already went for my jog-like activity today so I won't whinge at you about that. It's a chilly day in San Francisco area terms, which means you midwestern staters would be taking your jackets off. But I had to put on a fleecy thing. Now I'm pondering lunch and poking at my two active projects.

Woes. Why did this idfic turn out to be so plotty? Why are people talking so much? Why do I have a list of research topics as long as my arm for it? Gonna crack 30K words on it today, and that's with only spending my allotted 2 hours on the story. I have at least two fight scenes to write that I haven't really started. Not to mention the bit at the end where they get together.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the middle of a big worldbuilding puzzle on my own project. When I say "stuck", I don't mean stuck. I mean that it's a lot of work and I am whinging. WHINGE.

I was about to ask for prompts in the comments, but then my head started hurting. I think I'm going to need to get serious about this lunch thing now. You can try a prompt or two in the comments, but I'm not sure I'll have my brain working this afternoon.
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