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Dispatches from the story-writing front

Sentence fragments yes/no?

Politics, it's always about politics. At least when I get into a chewy story that has plotty stuff. Somebody wants something that somebody else doesn't want them to have; hijinks ensue.

I hope you are all okay with original characters running around participating in these politics. I know who my major characters are, however, and they are Giles and Buffy, full stop. We come to fanfic for our favorites having more adventures, as readers and as writers. It's just that sometimes the adventures get complicated.

I like inventing magic systems. It's handy that the show itself was so sloppy & ad hoc about how magic worked.

Right now I am obsessing over the soundtrack for the last writing push for this one. In the end I'll fall back on thumpy progressive trance as always, but for now it's Jon Hopkins' good record on repeat. (Man, he took a really boring left turn after album #2. Sigh.)

Reading: I spent much time yesterday reading "Strategic Pluralism" by thea_bromine. Giles/Xander, season 4 setting, and a serious exploration of fandom's favorite "have sex or die" trope. With humor, grace under pressure, a complicated Xander, a human Giles with a family and a history and strong opinions about chocolate. Highly recommended. (Note that the final part hasn't been posted yet as of the time of this post, but we should get it soon.)

In re: yesterday's poll I note that sudden fiction wins, but only barely, over locked in a room with coffee. Hmm. I will ponder how to do this.

Coffee: If I were to lock myself into a room with a story and a pile of coffee-making equipment, I'd be there with the Aeropress gizmo. Seriously. It is cheap, easy to use, and make a freaking fantastic cup of coffee. Did I mention it's cheap? It is. If you prefer a re-usable filter over paper filters, Coava makes a great one. I use it. End of unpaid promotional announcement.
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