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Gleeful millstones.

I watched the episode of Glee that followed the Stupor Bowl and was baffled by how anybody could like the show. It was on the nose, painfully awkward, implausible. The musical numbers were overproduced, over-pitch-corrected, and obviously not sung by the actors. Even worse, its arrangement butchered one of the greatest pop songs of all time and buried that amazing bassline. WTF.

Later my real-life friend who is an even bigger Buffy nerd than you (yes, than you, dear reader) explained to me that it was the single worst episode of Glee ever and he'd been horribly upset by its badness and was very sorry I had watched it. And that I was to imagine a typical episode as being surreal all the way through and featuring way more of that vastly entertaining cheerleading coach. So I dunno. Jury out, but I'm probably not going to watch another one soon. Not when I could rewatch, say, the first two seasons of The West Wing instead. Or catch up on House. Or watch naked men swordfighting in Spartacus.

I'm sort of grumpy about my media consumption these days. If it's not going to be well-written, it has to offer something else that nothing else has. Merlin has ASH, but it's so stupid I can't get over the stupid to enjoy the man with the magnificent jaw. This is probably my loss.

Um, what else? I deadlifted 275# the other day. That was a millstone-- I mean, milestone-- on my way to that goal of 300#. Millstones only weigh about 130# apiece, according to the all-knowing, all-telling web. (I probably couldn't manage to get a millstone over my head, though picking one up off the floor and carrying it wouldn't be so bad.) My squat is also seeing huge improvements, though it's limited still by the shoulder and hip mobility problems that people who spent 20 years sitting at a desk tend to have.

You could do this too. Three years ago I couldn't walk up a flight of steps without getting out of breath.

I was looking at fanbingo, which seems appropriately relaxed in ruleset and has a long list of delicious cliches as possible squares. Looks like fun!

No fic wittering today. There has been ficcage, but it's the boring "sort out my antagonisticalish forces and their motivations while revising" kind.
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I dislike Glee intensely, despite the fact that I love musicals. I spend enough time in my day with people being unnecessarily nasty and hateful to each other, I don't need it in my tv. Plus, as a teacher, I can't suspend my disbelief enough to even begin to enjoy the show.
I rather like Glee. It's silly and high school and drama but it's funny and most of the actors do sing their own parts. I've seen the auditions.

Of course, my television watching is about an hour a day or less. I'm mostly music consumptive.
Yay for naked men swordfighting in Spartacus! *lurves*

I couldn't get through the entire series of The Invisibles, no matter how much I wanted to nibble on that glorious chin.

Have you ever gotten around to Slings and Arrows? Must see teevee.

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I haven't gotten around to it yet. It wasn't on iTMS, if I recall, and I'd given up my Netflix sub. Hmm.
I've decided that my attraction (or addiction) to Merlin is the confluence of two things: a nearly lifelong love of the Arthurian legends and the presence of two young actors whom I find astoundingly, inexplicably attractive, especially together. But as Arthurian material--and in terms of the writing--yeah, it pretty much sucks.
The cast is gorgeous and the settings are gorgeous and that castle is gorgeous and could they please hire somebody who has a clue about plausible plotting? Sigh.
I'm with you. Stupidity is really what puts me off when it comes to tv shows. I can't stand Glee because it's silly, badly written and the characters are stupid, and watching Merlin is just too painful despite King Giles and that wonderful smile of his.

And House is becoming more and more painful to watch as well, now that it has forgotten the Sherlock Holmes pattern to be just soap opera.

Glee is one of my few guilty pleasures. I agree that most of the storylines (and the musical numbers) are highly improbable. (And don't get me started on the cheerleaders wearing their uniforms in the winter. Lima is just north of me IRL, Mr.Murphy needs to be spending a week of winter here, just saying.)

But one of the storylines they are dealing with this season, involving Kurt and bullying because he's gay is being done very well and I sometimes wish that the whole show could just be Kurt and his dad, they rock my socks.
Try Downton Abbey - it's written by the man who wrote Gosford Park and by episode two* you've got Dame Maggie Smith having a snark-off with Harriet Jones (Prime Minister).

*or maybe three, depending on whether you watch it on Netflix Streaming or Masterpiece recut the original seven 50-60 minute eps into four 80-90 minute eps.
The only reason to watch Glee is for the cheerleading coach. I watch it, though. Sometimes they have decent musical numbers, but mostly it just pisses me off. Like, I don't think they're doing irony as well as they think they are so it comes off wrong. *shrug* At least the new season of Top Gear has started, so there's that to watch.
James May testing the new Ariel Atom has been a high point so far, but the commentary about the Mexican sportscar really fell flat. Not hilariously offensive, just stupidly so. The weird thing is that it was in an ep with a lot of mutual abuse at/from the guys from Australian Top Gear, so it was right next to a case of them getting the offensiveness just about right. So my review of the new series thus far is mixed.

The Top Gear soundtracks are some of my favorite things in TV, by the way. I love playing name that tune with them. I get about 2% of them, and the rest I can look up on this awesome forum.
Oooh, thanks for the link!

And I COMPLETELY agree about the comments regarding the Mexican sportscar. That was uncomfortable to watch. Maybe we're just more sensitive to it because of our proximity to Mexico? They certainly wouldn't have gotten away with it if they were an American show, or I like to think they wouldn't.
Seriously, forget about Glee. 275# Impressive. In only three years? Muy Impressive.
Women tend to do really well with lower-body moves like the deadlift, which hits glutes and hamstrings hardest. I still struggle with the bench press once it starts getting heavy.

I'm giving Glee a pass for now. Sigh.