It's time for Giles to sober up now.

The month of January has come to a close, and with it the official collection of stories for the 2010 Drunken!Giles ficathon. Unofficially, I will continue to add stories to the master list because my goal was to encourage new stories about Giles, and any rule-bending that encourages more stories is a good thing. True fact. So if you have a story in progress and you missed the squishy deadline, don't fret. Finish, post, and let me know! (Also do let me know if I've lost track of anything.)

The tally is at 27 stories right now. I encourage you to read and comment! Feed the writers who gave you new Giles!
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27 new stories! Good going! Thank you for resurrecting the fest.

And I'm really pleased to hear you'll bend the rules as just this afternoon I was thinking of more ways to get Giles drunk. And also thinking of more stories to write for the fest ;-D
You are a most gracious and generous moderator. Besides, sometimes it can take a while for us to get Giles that drunk - especially if he's resisting, naughty boy.

::in gratitude, sends over the PM to do the dusting or any odd chores around the house::
Thank you!!
Thanks so much for bending the rules! I'm still working on my second fic for DrunkenGiles and it like the last one is giving me some problems. Hopefully I'll be able to post it soon.

Glad to have been a part of it. I still owe you one more but I'm afraid it'll be a bit late.