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I have a cat on my shins.

The cat is laboring under the misapprehension that he is starving to death because his food bowl is empty. There is no reasoning with him. He'll win in the end.

Earlier this week one of the bookcases in our bedroom collapsed and showered books onto my armchair. Fortunately I was sitting in bed instead of my armchair, with one of the cats pinning down my feet. Books fell. The cat departed at high velocity. The bookshelf was quite old. Apparently the sides bowed out and one shelf popped out. It landed on the shelf below it, which splintered instantly and cascaded on downwards. The only casualty was a dictionary that got caught between shelf and side and ripped. Oh, and a copy of Peter Watts' Maelstrom, which got rumpled. It's hardcover, so that was some high-force rumplage.

Yesterday we bought new bookcases to replace the collapsed one and its twin. They are as yet unassembled. Our bedroom is sort of a shambles at the moment. Books strewn everywhere! Piled up! Mr Pedia and I have mutually resolved to fix the problem long-term by reducing the amount of crap we own. And this time we won't fuss about how we get rid of it. Making it gone matters more than anything else. Most of those books weren't worth the shelf that collapsed under them.

In fic news: 67 occurrences of "[[" found in 1 file.

Sixty-seven spots where I bothered to mark that material was missing, or to summarize an unwritten segment, or whatever. 24K words, and I removed the 2000-word summary at the top of the file so that's not padded. This one is highly-plotty idfic that I have mentioned before but will not talk about now that it's nearing a complete draft. Giles/Buffy, I will say.

I seem to have a paranoid fear of complete drafts that drives me to bounce to another story when I get close to finishing one. It's a symptom of the blockage. I'm working on it in my usual mode: I'm ignoring it and blundering straight through. You're going to read this one, whether I'm afraid it sucks or not!

I'll probably need to get this story beta-read when that square bracket count gets down to single digits. I'm almost tempted to find an early reader for it now, just to give myself some encouragement.

The Giles/Xander barrow wight story is paused right next to a complete draft. I'm going to knock that out next. DAMMIT.

drsquidlove has begun posting the giant Giles/Xander in New York story. I read an early draft of this last summer, and I can only say: please do go read. Is satisfyingly chewy future fic.

mythichistorian posted "In Western Lands", which is a story featuring a drunken!Giles stuck in a motel room with Andrew Wells. This story doesn't have nearly enough comments, by which I mean it has none. I need to go help fix that problem.
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