Smoke + sword == guh.

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Fic wittering: Want some? Today's whinging is about how that now that I have understood my A plot, the bit with the supernatural enemy and all that is, I have to face the fact that my Giles/Xander B plot is completely wrong, has been wrong all along, and is now the #1 thing wrong with the story. I can easily finish the writing for the A plot part. I know what it is, where it's going, and what the tone & style need to be. Now I need a B plot to match, one that comments on the other plotline and is commented upon in turn.

This is exactly the opposite of the Iceland story, where I know exactly what I want to do with the Giles/Buffy plotline while the supernatural A plotline has been all balky and unsatisfying. My recent outline made it as complicated as it needed to be to support the other and now I feel better about working on it. Later, though. This story first. It's set at the winter solstice and has drinking in it, so it would be nice to finish it some time before the spring equinox, you know?

Grump grump grump. If it were easy, it wouldn't be fun to do. No, really, I believe that even as I whinge.

Men: The pervygirl tumblog, which I have commended to your attention in the past, is once again notable for more men with big swords. This hits right at a bulletproof kink of mine and might just appeal to you as well. This one in particular grabs me: perhaps the young Ripper is posing? Not work safe even one little bit overall, though the one I call out specifically is safe.
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It took me a long time to realize that Men with Swords are a bulletproof kink of mine as well. I started watching Merlin for the swords and got sucked in by the slash.
lol, random comment
... but your note about a young Ripper posing reminded me of a photo I found ages ago, seen here (not quite safe for work). For some reason it's always made me think of the character. Funny how the mind works sometimes.

I shouldn't post when I'm tired.
Re: lol, random comment
This photo is *awesome* and it is definitely in the spirit of violent young Ripper, all bloodied but happy about it.