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An anecdote about cats. That's new!

Mr Pedia informs me that the cats do not simply wake me up at 5am every morning. Well, they do wake me up then, but it's not as straightforward as "I'm hungry, get up now hyuman". Apparently they sit and watch me for a while, very patiently. At the first sign of motion or wakefulness from me, they move in and meow/stand on top of me/knead me with claws out/pounce on my toes/etc. He has observed this on several mornings now. And yes, you might well ask why he didn't proactively feed them since he was obviously awake already. Apparently he was fascinated to observe that they were waiting for me to wake up. Sort of. Also, he didn't count, even though he feeds them about half the time. I'm the one they're watching.

It's so nice to be loved.

Tasks for today:
Finish giles_watchers newsletter. [done]
Comment on all *hic* stories. [not done]
Poke at my own story (but it is not a writing day, so not poking is okay).
And there are a bunch of boring tasks like "fold laundry", but I'm pretending those don't exist.

I had a good writing weekend, strangely. I wrote 3000 entirely new words. In two different stories, alas, but they were new words! That's 3000 words more than the entire month of December produced, so I'm going with "pleased" as a response.

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