Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Drunken Giles 2010 master list

It is the time of year when Giles breaks out a bottle and a glass and indulges himself in his favorite adult beverages. In fact, he's been over-indulging. Maybe it's been champagne, eggnog, good ale, cheap beer, moonshine, mixed drinks, or a simple glass or five of single malt, neat. Maybe he's been with friends, lovers, enemies, or both. Maybe he's alone. Whatever it was that happened, he had too much and now he's drunk.

Find out how it happened that Giles came to be drunk as you read this year's collection of stories for the Drunken Giles ficathon.

If you have written a story for the collection, please comment here with a link and maybe a bit of information about your story. I'll add it to the list! I'll collect story links until January 31, 2011, so you have lots of time to write one of the fine available prompts featuring a drunken!Giles.

0_ruthless_0: Shallow Past Trilogy 01) 99 Bottles Of Beer..., 02) Hard Liquor, 03) Blood of Lions - Giles/Ethan, mature
angelus2hot: One Night Outside of Destiny - gen, all readers
brutti_ma_buoni: The Old World and the New - gen, Robin Wood
brutti_ma_buoni: Once Upon a Rainbow - gen, teen
brutti_ma_buoni: Mortal Peril - Giles & Harmony, teen
brutti_ma_buoni: First Blast of the Trumpet - Giles/Faith, teen
capitano_fic: A Night To Remember - Giles & Buffy, teen
consumedly: One Night Off - Giles/Xander, adult
daiseechain: Dirty Creatures - Giles/Ethan, adult
drsquidlove: "Either way, there's Scotch." - gen, all readers
drsquidlove: Doritos on the Slippery Slope - Giles/Xander, mature
froxyn: Secrets to Tell - Giles/Buffy, teen
helenkacan: All Warm and Fuzzy - Giles/Xander, teen
horrorfangirl: You got troubles, tell them to the bartender - gen, teen
littleotter73: In Whiskey, Veritas - Giles/Buffy, mature
loreofthefaye: Playing the Game - Giles/Faith, mature
loreofthefaye: Candlelight, Wine, and a God - Giles/Buffy, teen
rebelxxwaltz: Questions Are Free, but the Answers Will Cost You - Giles/Buffy, mature
mmooch: It Wasn't Me - Giles/Buffy, teen
mmooch: The Watcher Nuzzles - Giles/Buffy, adult
mythichistorian: Vi Dýr Ennui - gen, Andrew, mature
secondalto: Gathering Courage - Giles/Buffy, teen
skargasm: Watcher in the Middle - Giles/Spike/Xander, adult
sparklyfanta: Unsaid - Giles/Olivia, general
the_huffster: Of Eggnog and Stalking Mistletoe - Giles/Buffy, teen
theladymerlin: Jello Shots - Giles/Spike, mature
whichclothes: Watching the Watcher - Giles/Spike, teen
Tags: drunken!giles, ficathon

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