In search of drunken prompts.

My god, sometime during the endless edits on the Drunken Giles prompt claim page (sign up now! now!) I managed to bomp the "don't email comments" button on the edit form and save the post that way. So there I was, thinking people had stopped claiming prompts. They, um, hadn't. Doh. Remedied.

I hope nobody was waiting to start, oh god oh god.

Geekery: giles_watchers is ticking along quietly on Pinboard instead of Delicious now. I rewrote the generator script in Ruby but haven't deployed the rewrite because, well, oh look it's time for another nap!

More prompts: The Non-Canon BtVS ships comment ficathon has some Giles prompts scattered throughout. Mostly Giles/Ethan but there are some other pairings going looking for fills. If you want your Giles sober for a change of pace some of these might suit.

Uh, what else do I have this morning in the minutes before I run off to the gym to sweat, swear, lie on the floor praying for oxygen, and otherwise improve the calluses on my hands? I think I'll post separately on the topic of Eleven's first Christmas special. Oh. I know what.

Which prompt? I haven't picked a prompt for myself for Drunken Giles yet. I was waiting for other peeps to have first pick. I feel people have mostly had enough time to snag their first choices, though, so it's fair if I swoop in now and grab something. But grab what? Which ones do you think most deserve writing? Pretend that I would write 500 word fills for a few of them.
You can post anywhere you like! I'll be putting up the master list post at midnight GMT tonight. Sometime after you post, please comment on the master list post with a link to your story, and I'll add it to the list.