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Drunken Giles Ficathon 2010: prompt claiming!

Claim now Behind the cut are 94 (yes, ninety-four) prompts for fic featuring a drunk Rupert Giles. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to claim a prompt or prompts and write fic to fill them. If you left a prompt, it would be simply awesome if you could write a prompt in return.

How many can you claim? As many as you like. But do try to write what you claim.

Can you claim an already-claimed prompt? It's most awesome to spread the love around to unclaimed prompts, but if that is the prompt of your dreams, go for it. More Giles fic is better!

How long does the fic have to be? Whatever length it works out to be, long or short.

How do you claim? Comment here with the number or numbers of the prompts you'd like for your very own.

Questions? Ask in a comment! I will answer.

Post starting Dec 31 I will post a master list on December 31st at 11:59pm GMT. You may commence posting your fic then and commenting on the master list to tell me about it. I will collect your fic links and add them to the master list until January 31, 2011.

The prompts are roughly in alphabetical order for the pairing or main secondary character requested.

Gen or pairing unspecified

1. Gen, any rating. Giles can walk out of the bar with the dangerous artifact if he can drink that demon under the table. Ripper might be wearing tweed now, but he's played this game before. claimed

2. Whilst on holiday in England, Giles gets completely blotto and is whisked away by fairies. Whether he is alone or accompanied is up to the writer. Whether he wakes with the head of an ass, whether the scoobies are enlisted to play the lovers in a recast Midsummer Night's Dream is at your discretion. But Giles is drunk and there are fairies. claimed

3. Giles becomes a Watcher. Is he celebrating or regretting? Either way, there's Scotch. claimed

4. Giles attempts to educate a Scoobie regarding fine British alcohol (whisky, beer, take your pick). Any pairing or gen. claimed

5. We hear of the conversion of water into wine at the marriage in Cana, as of a miracle. But this conversion is, through the goodness of God, made every day before our eyes. Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy!

6. Gen, any rating, Giles surprises the Scoobies by drinking the meanest, toughest biker under the table. (can be set in the first three seasons) claimed

7. Giles walks into a bar. It's Caritas, and he's intrigued by the Host. (G/Lorne or gen. Bonus points for karaoke) claimed

8. Baachanalia. The rites of Dionysus and appealing to the god who presides over communication between the livng and the dead. Slayers versus maenads (or perhaps being maenads,) visions, ecstasies and ephiphany. Make of that what you will ... claimed

9. Giles re-enacts his youth as a drunken streaker.

10. Giles has been arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Character of your choice to bail him out and take him home. claimed

11. Young!Giles getting drunk on stolen alcohol, in school or early college, ie before Ethan and the serious bad magic phase. On his own, or with a friend.

12. A drunken Giles in Cordelia's Wish Universe, maybe with the AU Oz and Larry. claimed

13. Gen, Giles drinks the cursed beer in Beer Bad. claimed

14. This one takes a little off-roading, but the thought of it keeps making me giggle - what if the affect of the Three Sisters in Buffy v. Dracula didn't wear off immediately, and nuzzly, less-inhibited Giles continued for a day or two - extra love if Xander is the recipient of the nuzzling, love.

15. A post-chosen, ignore the comics world in which Giles can get silly, sweet drunk at Christmas. Would love it to go romantic, preferably with Ethan, but I could also live with Willow or Xander.

16. Giles' harsher, more pointedly critical drunk side is also interesting to explore - the context of Season 7, and his anger/grief, is a nice placement but I hope the writer will take it where they choose.

Giles & Anya

17. Giles/Anya Post "Tabula Rasa" awkward discussion of the kiss involving drinks that might lead to more.

18. Giles/Anya, (set 'Tabula Rasa') a drunken Giles goes to see Anya to convince her that it wasn't just the spell.

19. Giles/Anya, after the fiasco of the wedding that wasn't, Giles comforts Anya with the help of alcohol. claimed

20. Giles/Anya - Giles can't forget the kiss in Tabula Rasa - he reaches for drink and a smoke to try to dull the memory - Anya shows up.

21. Giles/Anya - a drunk Giles decides to prove his love to Anya by getting her name tattooed on his bottom.

Giles & Buffy

22. Giles/Buffy, any rating. Giles has every intention of asking Buffy to dance with him during the Watchers & Slayers Society annual holiday do. Really he does. He'll get around to it when he's had enough champagne to work up his courage. claimed

23. Giles finds out about the events of "Life Serial" and decides, in his role as mentor, that if Buffy is going to be drinking hard liquor, then she should at least know the difference between cheap bourbon and fine scotch and cognac. And the best way to do that is through practical demonstration. Rating and pairings as you see fit. claimed

24. Giles/Buffy. There's a pink elephant demon in town - which you need to be intoxicated to see. As Buffy and alcohol are unmixy things, Giles volunteers to down a drink or two (or three, of four - at least one in every bar/party they visit) so he can help her find (and fight it ...) claimed

25. Giles/Buffy, any rating, post finale (ignores season 8 comics) Buffy leaves Rome to visit a very drunk Giles on New Years Eve who tells her some very unnerving truths. claimed

26. Giles/Buffy, any rating, a drunken Giles leads to some erotic displays of magic.

27. Giles/Buffy, Giles teaches Buffy that beer is bad, but scotch is even badder (but in a good way)

28. Giles/Buffy, any rating, any time post-Helpless: the Scoobies are at a party. Buffy gets roped into a drinking game, but Giles knows she can't hold her liquor, so he takes her place, getting smashed in the process. She helps him home, and his feelings for her are revealed. Or, Buffy has to drink a demon under the table, but can't so Giles does it instead. The main thing is that Giles gets drunk in Buffy's stead, and she helps him home. claimed

29. Giles/Buffy, any rating, post Chosen. Giles and Buffy in an established relationship. Giles receives a photograph showing Buffy being intimate with another man. Its a ruse by the latest baddie. Giles gets drunk. Buffy has to convince him the photograph is a lie. claimed

30. It's season 5 and it's Christmas. The Scoobies can see Buffy and Giles are meant to be together, why can't they? There's a party, there's nog (lots of it), there's mistletoe, and there's magic. Can the Scoobies get them to drop their inhibitions? claimed

31. Giles/Buffy - I'm not as think you drunk I am. claimed

Giles & Ethan

32. Giles/Ethan, any rating. Ethan's running a hustle in a bar and it's a sure thing, guaranteed to pay off, but he's lost count of how many pints Ripper's had. Hijinks ensue.

33. Giles/Ethan or Giles and Ethan, bickering old men and still dangerous. claimed

34. Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne. This one can be friendship (I know, I know) or slash. Set in the future when they're old farts and decide they want to turn water into wine and indulge in a little oneupmanship as to who can produce the best vintage. Bonus points if a Scoobie of your choice drops in unannounced and gets sucked into multiple wine-tastings ... or more! claimed

35. Giles/Ethan, sometimes drinking Absinthe summons real green faeries. claimed

36. Giles/Ethan - 99 bottles of beer on the wall. claimed

Giles & Faith

37. Faith/Giles - Giles is too old for drinking games, he says. Like Faith's going to let that stop her. claimed

38. Giles/Faith - Giles decides to teach Faith a lesson by drinking her under the table, and gets more than he bargained for - extra love if eventually Faith finds herself with more than she bargained for. claimed

Giles & Jenny

39. Giles/Jenny, any rating. Tequila, straight, at that Mexican place. It's more drinkable than he'd thought.

40. Giles/Jenny - drunkish first time together, extra props if Jenny gets to really start to see beside the facade of bookish Giles in the midst of their first time.

Giles & Joyce

41. Giles/Joyce, booze is way more adult than band candy but it leads in the same general direction.

42. Giles/Joyce - a bottle of scotch, a pair of handcuffs and the Bay City Rollers on the cd player.

Giles & Olivia

43. Giles/Olivia, he's going back to Sunnydale. A farewell drink, bitter, sweet or terrified as you please. claimed

44. Giles/Olivia, the wine tastes better licked from her collarbone.

Giles & Riley

45. Giles/Riley, alcohol consumption leads to a game of true confessions.

46. Riley taking care of maudlin drunk Giles. Friendship or porn, as you like.

47. Giles/Riley - Alcohol loosens Giles' tongue and Riley's pants.

Giles & Spike

48. Drunk Giles tells the Scoobies what he really thinks of them and also outs himself and Spike as a couple at the same time! claimed

49. Giles/Spike, any rating, could be friendship instead of pairing if you prefer. He'll be damned if that vampire drinks more of his bottle of single malt than he does.

50. Giles/Spike. Spike spikes Giles's punch, intending something slightly nefarious, but the plan backfires.

51. Giles&Spike, Spike mixes drinks fantastic drinks with horrible names like "Slayer's Blood' and "Newborns in the Afternoon".

52. Giles/Spike, drunk Giles, a chained Spike in the bathtub, fun times.

53. Giles misses a proper English Christmas with snow, cold, brandy snaps, brandy butter, brandy... Well, why the hell shouldn't he try and get back a little of that old Christmas spirit? Then Spike turns up and wouldn't you know it? Turns out he misses his old English Christmases too.

54. Giles/Spike - Alcohol consumption leads to a rousing rendition of 'Henry the eighth I am'.

Giles & Wesley

55. Giles/Wesley or Giles and Wesley, Giles did actually notice Wesley being flattened on Graduation Day. There's sympathy drinking.

56. Giles/Wesley, run into each other at an "English" pub in an obscure, small midwestern town

57. Giles/Wesley, with Wesley somewhere in his darker phase from Angel. Opening line: "Let's get drunk." claimed

Giles & Willow

58. Giles/Willow, drinking to celebrate the solstice, and performing magic drunk with screwy results

59. Giles, Willow - Devon, Cider and celebrating the wassail. (Can be wassailing at Christmas time, or the autumn orchard visit ...)

60. Gile/Willow/Xander-Post-Chosen, including or excluding Season 8 up to you. Established relationship between either Xander/Willow or Willow/Giles. The three are drinking together and seducing the one who isn't in the relationship already, who is the most drunk of them all.

61. Giles/Willow-Between S6 & S7. Giles feels especially guilty for not noticing Willow's spiral/taking her under his wing to teach her. Classic drunken-drowning-his-sorrows Giles. Looking to lose his guilt in in the bottom of very expensive Scotch bottle.

62. Giles/Willow - anytime post season 6 - a curse/spell/celebration leads to intoxication and lowered inhibitions, turning a research session into a steamy romp between a Giles and Willow.

Giles & Xander

63. Xander: Doesn't eggnog have alcohol in it?
Giles: Only enough to act as a preservative.
Points if this leads to a happy first kiss, somehow. (Exchange from Guys & Dolls.)

64. Giles, Xander - Sometime after "The Gift," Giles and Xander get drunk and reminisce about Buffy. Maybe Willow joins in eventually, to complete the Scooby contingent.

65. Giles, Xander and the crate of Real Ale. Giles gets sent a selection of real ale for Christmas - and introduces Xander to the pleasures of Cerberus Stout, Norfolk Nog, Ale Mary and other such micro brewery delights.

66. Giles/Xander, candy is dandy/ but liquor is quicker.

67. Giles/Xander Season 4, in Xander's basement, bad American beer induces confessions.

68. Giles/Xander, a bottle of scotch later and a drunk Giles teaches Xander a new kind of game.

69. Giles, Xander and Buffy get drunk together (I don't care why, maybe Buffy is angsting over something) and Buffy comes on to Xander. She gets him all riled up and then she passes out, and Giles has to "take care of" Xander. I think Giles would have to be pretty drunk to get over his initial hesitation...

70. Giles/Xander: "I've been drinking to forget you. It's not going so well."

71. Xander dealing with broken Giles over the post-torture summer while Buffy's in LA... or after she comes back.

72. Giles/Xander have been together for years. There's no particular occasion. Giles as a happy drunk.

73. Drunk!Giles, tipsy!Xander and Vince Guaraldi. Snoopy dance required.

74. Druken!Giles and tipsy!Xander, in the library. Xander doesn't want to go home. Giles can't blame him. And the girls all have dates, which seems awfully unfair to Xander...

75. Giles/Xander - Toasting loves lost leads to admissions, and more.

76. Giles/Xander A very drunk Giles at a party telling the scoobies intimate details about their sex life (his and xander) a la Anya. Xander is unembarrassed and takes him home. claimed

77. An AlternativeUniverse!Giles has landed up in our Buffy universe. Either or both Giles can be drunk. Could be Giles/Giles or Giles/Xander... or Giles/Giles/Xander... claimed

78. Giles/Xander: Xander returns from Africa and is surprised to find Giles is dating a man. His solution? Well, he doesn't have it entirely figured out yet, but it involves drinking games.

79. Giles/Xander: A demon in Sunnydale starts circulating an alcoholic drink that allows those under the influence to detect an aura of attraction in others. (I've specified Giles/Xander, because that's what I'd like to see, but this could lend itself to any pairing.)

80. Giles/Xander - "There's nothing better than a good scotch before going to sleep." Xander shows Giles just how wrong he is. claimed

81. Giles comes to Xander's house, drunk, when Xander's parents aren't home. But they could be home any minute, and Xander sees so many ways this could go badly.

Other people

82. Giles/Andrew or Giles and Andrew: 'They were stuck here for at least a day, probably two. Just him, and Andrew. Giles opened the nearest bottle of something alcoholic, and drank. A lot...' claimed

83. Giles/Angel/(Buffy), Giles gets drunk and picks a fight with Angel over the way he "treats" Buffy

84. Giles/Angel, after consuming rather a lot of alcohol Giles decides to tell Angel exactly what he thinks about him, but instead ends up telling Angel how attractive he is...for a vampire :)

85. Giles + Cordelia. Giles really doesn't understand how Cordelia persuaded him to be her escort to this event. He's going to get through it the only way he can: scotch.

86. Giles/Harmony, the morning after had never been more terrifying. claimed

87. Giles and Jayne from Firefly, trying to out-drink each other at the bar. Triple points if it leads to a bar brawl.

88. Giles/Oz, there's no booze left except cooking sherry

89. Giles/Robin Wood or Giles and Robin: a toast, to lost Slayers. claimed

Threesomes and beyond

90. Giles/Anya/Xander. Xander was all for Anya's threesome plan. It's only when Anya has Giles over and halfway to drunk that Xander realises that the plan isn't to bring an extra woman to their bed.

91. Giles/Buffy/Xander/Willow Post season 4 drinking, maybe sexytimes.

92. Giles/Ethan + Buffy. Buffy walks in on a drunk Giles and Ethan and decides to join the fun. claimed

93. Spike/Xander. Drunk!Giles stumbles on the pair who until this point had enjoyed a very secret relationship. They can be drunk too if needs be, and Giles can be flabbergasted or aroused. claimed

94. Spike/Xander. Drunk!Giles joins a game of Truth or Dare and unwittingly outs Spike and Xander.
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  • Why we write

    Periodically I attempt to pep-talk myself by reading past stories that more or less turned out okay, or that at least don't make me want to hide my…

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