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So far so good.

Now is the time of year to watch movies with establishing shots of skating in Rockefeller Center, with accompanying Leroy Anderson. Or is it a tad early for that? Certainly it's not too early to bust out the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. I don't think it's too early for the spiked egg nog. Neither does Giles! Drunken!Giles has some lovely prompts. If we get one story per prompter, we'll have enough Giles fic to get the new year started with a hiccup.

Dammit. I need to prompt for drunk!Giles, tipsy!Xander, and Vince Guaraldi. Snoopy dance required.

I did my "Band Candy" picspam, queued it all up to post gradually over the next day, and... boom, Tumblr went down. Mostly my reaction is to realize that yup, it's part of my daily life now, sort of the way Twitter has been for about 3 years now. Secondary reaction, as somebody who's lived through one of these outages professionally: ouch. I hope somebody made you guys take sleep breaks, 'cause you can start doing some pretty stupid things after 48 hours without any. But they're back up, so all is well.

So from Sunday afternoon sad-face-of-woe to promptathon in progress! Okay. Next, find a way to jumpstart my own fiction-writing brain. Perhaps alcohol and trance music will help. Aly & Fila carried me to my last completed story, after all. Where's the eggnog? Perhaps this evening there will be spiked eggnog.
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