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Rainy Sunday, with sleeping cats piled nearby.

There are Giles-relevant comics spoilers ahoy on the LJs this weekend, if you still care about the comics. Which I find that I do not, but I must bookmark many links about them for a long-overdue giles_watchers newsletter. Sigh. I commented elsewhere that it's like reading about a endless badfic series by an author you think is a sweet person, so you feel like you have to acknowledge the fic, but oh man is it bad. Now you have to have an opinion about Joss's latest big plot twist, which requires that you pay real attention, and suddenly you find yourself regretting all that earlier polite acknowledgement.

I have finally done that "Band Candy" picspam, though.

I want a BtVS kink meme right about now, so I can prompt for ridiculous Giles/Xander things, but I don't want to have to run it. I just want to sit back and write for it. Sigh. Maybe I should go make a no-RPS BtVS-only post in the dead-ass kinkmeme comm.

Yay, science: This blew my mind. Retroviruses, DNA, MS, and schizophrenia. You must read this.

I am going to go off and be useless and not finish any stories at all and just write pointless wandering Giles/Buffy/Xander prawn.

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Perhaps I will go do it after I have my afternoon coffee. I am not feeling energetic in re: fandom just now. Instead I feel lethargic and woeful. I wish I had a fainting couch 'cause I would so be using it. Or maybe just a napping couch. I would have to fight a constant war with the cats over it, though.
Now, just cause you mentioned it, I went back and checked up on what had gone on with Season 8 lately. Thanks so much for that. I think I'm going back to happy denial land now.
My apologies. I had to get spoiled while newslettering, which is an occupational hazard, but I didn't mean to make you suffer too. wickedfox posted this, which might help you recover.
Okay, I'll bite -- where can I get spoiled for the season 8 stuff?

I was talking about that article at Thanksgiving with my dad and step-mom. My step-mom, who is an osteopathic doctor, was all, "Pfft, why is everyone so obsessed with viruses?" Whereas my reaction, much like you was, "OMG, that is so cool!" I have no idea why she had a problem with it or if it was related to osteopathy in some way, but I think if I follow through with switching my course of study to epigenetics then family holiday dinners will be that much more strained!
There's a detailed recap here.

I think the answer to "why is everybody so obsessed with viruses?" in this case is that wow, it turned out that VIRUSES ARE RESPONSIBLE for some surprising things. And they are the link between two previously-thought-unrelated conditions, one of which was once blamed on *bad parenting* of all things. It's just cool, as you say. Also wow some real directions to look for fixes for those conditions, holy shit.
Okay. Now I wish I hadn't read it. I hate Joss so much, sometimes.

And yeah, even though she got her MD from Univ of Michigan, which is a fairly good school, it always seems to me like my step-mom is two steps away from voodoo. I always wonder if she pulls the same crap with my brother-in-law, who is a biochemist studying prion related diseases. I should ask him next time I talk to him.

The virus thing just makes so much sense now that you think about it in those terms, what with the chronic inflammation thing and how those different diseases behave. It's kind of like one of those things where once you hear it, you think, "Oh duh, of course that's the answer!"
Oh God, do I want to know what Joss's latest plot twist is? Do I? Because it scares me.

I stopped reading season eight. I STOPPED. The husband still gets it because he's a completest at heart and will not stop getting the comic until season eight is done.

I am very torn on this matter. Ugh.
I so agree with you. I read the first few issues of Buffy Season 8, but honestly , I think it sucks. I heard some spoilers recently and just thought "0_o".
I so agree. I think that was my very first WTF moment on that series and I think that was in the first few pages of the first book or close to it.
I'm so very glad my financial situation forced me to stop reading the comics.

There is nothing wrong with the writing of pointless wandering Giles/Buffy/Xander prawn. I for one, endorse such an endeavor.
I've been planning to host a kink meme for a couple of weeks and I just keep forgetting to post anything. Would you be interested in co-running?
Right. So I need to get my New York fic in order at least, in the next week, before I leap on Drunk!Giles. It's a goal. Tying up the end is not going well, but I'm starting to post that thing in January, no matter what.

Bless you for stepping up. :-) I need to chew on some quick fics.

It might be a an idea, when you post the gathered prompts, to nicely, gently suggest that everyone who threw in prompts grab at least one to write, even if it's just a drabble.

I read that recap link you gave clavally, and I'm awfully glad my comic dyslexia prevented me from ever reading in the first place.

Yes, I will do so. Prompt-based ficathons are an excellent gateway to more fic-writing, because they're so low-stress. Especially in comparison to gift exchange ficathons, where there's the looming threat of a grumpy recipient. Here, no guilt! But I will save the pep talk for the claiming post.

It was clear to me that if I didn't do it, nobody would, and I am the type to be motivated by situations like that.

Well, since I decided my prompt idea was stupid and never followed through, I'm glad you are.

Shall I throw it on gilesxander?

I myself have avoided the season 8 comics because all I hear is that they are god awful. I thought that season 7 was bad enough. Well I guess I will just go out and look for fanfic to read so I can be blissfully ignorant. LOL!
Fanfic scratches my itches to get more of the characters better than the comics can, I think. I like traveling back in time to earlier seasons and seeing more high school adventures. Or pre-series stories.