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Rainy Sunday, with sleeping cats piled nearby.

There are Giles-relevant comics spoilers ahoy on the LJs this weekend, if you still care about the comics. Which I find that I do not, but I must bookmark many links about them for a long-overdue giles_watchers newsletter. Sigh. I commented elsewhere that it's like reading about a endless badfic series by an author you think is a sweet person, so you feel like you have to acknowledge the fic, but oh man is it bad. Now you have to have an opinion about Joss's latest big plot twist, which requires that you pay real attention, and suddenly you find yourself regretting all that earlier polite acknowledgement.

I have finally done that "Band Candy" picspam, though.

I want a BtVS kink meme right about now, so I can prompt for ridiculous Giles/Xander things, but I don't want to have to run it. I just want to sit back and write for it. Sigh. Maybe I should go make a no-RPS BtVS-only post in the dead-ass kinkmeme comm.

Yay, science: This blew my mind. Retroviruses, DNA, MS, and schizophrenia. You must read this.

I am going to go off and be useless and not finish any stories at all and just write pointless wandering Giles/Buffy/Xander prawn.

Today's music is an electronic classic. Sample from Withnail & I.
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