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Thank you, cat, my ever-faithful alarm clock.

We saw Red last night at last and enjoyed it. There was nothing particularly original or innovative about it. You could, if you wished, set your watch by the plot points. But I didn't care. The three-act structure is there to let competent movie-makers build competent entertainment upon it. This movie was fun and well-made and featured Helen Mirren with an actual honest-to-god machine gun. And a sniper rifle. Also, John Malkovich playing crazy, which he seems to do a lot these days, with a Desert Eagle. (It is possible I played too much Counter-Strike at one point in my life.)

We still haven't bothered to see part 1 of Harry Potter VII. I am so fascinated to notice that the films have dropped from midnight showings or release day matinee escape-from-work festivities to "eh, I'll see it on DVD if I forget" mild interest. Is it that the story is closed in the books and therefore already in my head? Is it that the seventh book was disappointing and losing points in my head every time I reconsider it? Is it that the last movie was an incoherently directed mess? I dunno.

Back to my struggle to ignore an enormous amount of new content in WOW plus my husband at home playing it. I'd really like to finish one of these many stories some time soon. Headphones help. There is nothing that can save me from the cats, though. Both of them have mastered the art of wedging themselves between my face and my laptop screen.
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