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This is full-on fic wittering about stories in progress.

1) When is there new Who? I am feeling a certain lack. The Christmas special is the next scheduled appearance of Herr Doktor Eleven, yes?

2) There is a certain pleasure in watching your partner's legs while he or she climbs a wall above you. Calves under tension are shown off at their best. Mr P showed his off on a series of 5.10a climbs this morning, all of them featuring pink holds for some reason. I'm now climbing some 5.8s and most 5.7s. Overhangs still give me fits and probably will continue to do so until I can shed more bodyweight. My hands have developed some strange callus patterns from the combination of climbing and weightlifting. My shins, knees, and elbows are often skinned from clumsiness on the wall or with barbells. I am such a klutz. It's all a lot of fun, this life explosion thing. I am so very glad I did this.

3) Full-on fic wittering!

This week's writing has turned out to be three stories. One is the Giles/Xander charity fic for postholedigger and I think I'll simply finish it and post it as soon as I can. It's fun. It has a conceit, a unifying thingie that's part running joke and part theme, which does double-duty of allowing me to have fun with the character voices. Why fanfiction is fun! Right there!

I'm not yet sure there's going to be sex in it. I am sort of in the mood for some good old-fashioned slash sex, sans kink, sans modern politics. Just two guys falling for each other and then having a good time. So maybe, if the characters lead me there. I think they'll have to get there through talking. Er. Sort of.

The second story in that Legacies series. That is, the one with the deceased Uncle Charles and the house.

The Giles in that series is a bit romance-novel-y to me. Well, okay, he can't really be because I have never read a romance novel in my life, no joke. So I don't know those tropes. I actually let myself slide into Edwardian novelist mode when I write from his point of view in those stories. I go all Galsworthy, eek! Which is to say, I let the sentence structures go complex and the vocabulary cut fancy. I also let him get a teeny bit regressive in his courtship. There is an element of conquest. This is partly influenced by the prompt that kicked the whole thing off: "Giles and James Bond". Spycraft, power, money, guns, good liquor, women in lovely clothing, and and women as alien from men. And whole-hearted sex positivity.

I turn around in the toast story, which is in Buffy's point of view. She thinks back on having mysteriously-unsatisfying sex with a motorcycle racer while in the middle of satisfying sex with Giles. Of course she had sex with a desirable guy who wanted her back, of course she enjoyed it, and she's figured out why what's going on now with Giles is better. I then let Giles go emotional while Buffy stays in control.

I'll have to flip that in the story I'm working on now. Which is, of course, about how he manages to make giving her an engagement ring a memorable experience. I will say no more about how that happens.

The third story in motion this week is nothing like the previous two. No Giles, for one thing. Buffy, Xander, and Oz. Hard kink. Yeah, that one. Most of you won't read it, which is totally fine. Hard kink is not for everybody. Most of the time it's not for me. But here, man, I don't know, I feel like I stumbled across a thread I could pull to get insight into Buffy's head and I'm yanking on it. (Only in the world of fanfic would anybody think this was worthwhile.)

There's also the feeling I have that fandom doesn't have enough of this sort of story. Or when it does, it's slash and I'm sort of tired of these stories always being about men. Women should have their fun and their unusual expressions of sexual agency too. Dammit. If rough het sex is your thing (or rough threesomes where the woman is the focus and not the two guys), this story might hit the spot.

I'm trying some new stuff stylistically with it, too. I felt my prose had been falling into an Edwardian rut; see above. Present tense is very much not my natural voice, but what the hell, you gotta throw the changeup every now and then.

4) Why I witter about fic: it's my equivalent of morning pages. I delete most of it unposted, but every so often I inflict it on you. It's my way of saying that I'm still here, still working on stories, still trying to be entertaining. Also, sometimes it's nice to hear there's still somebody out there who'll want to read it all.
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