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I like oatmeal. Possibly even cold oatmeal.

But only steel-cut oats. The instant stuff is a waste of time.

I see there is Yuletide wank already, over an amusing definition of "rare fandom" that allows Hetalia and some Adam-Lambert-related thing to qualify but Discworld not. Ah, fandom, never stop being you!

Yuletide intimidates me. I have never been able to figure out how it all works. It doesn't help that it's now on the AO3, which baffles me to the point of frustration every time I try to find fic there. Say what you like about, it makes browsing & reading easy.

Anyway, speaking of ease of reading. If you read the fanficz0rz on an iPad or similar modern electronic book-reading widget, you might enjoy snagging an epub file for all my standalone stories. With that implemented, I have completed my fic archive tool feature checklist. It's quite possibly time for me to clean it up and make the leap from command-line tool to miniature web app.

Ficathon: rahirah is having a season 8 rage ficathon. As you know, Bob, I totally understand this urge. The Ethan Rayne ficathon was inspired by the same reaction to the first of many Whedon stupidities in season 8. I'm not reading the comics any more, but if you are and you're rolling your eyes hard enough that it hurts, fixing it with fic might be just the ticket. Heck, I might sign up just to write another Ethan story.

Ob TopGear-related content: 24 Hours of LeMONS. Endurance racing for $500 cars! One of our neighbors is participating in this.

And now! Back to Giles/Xander snark.
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