I like oatmeal. Possibly even cold oatmeal.

But only steel-cut oats. The instant stuff is a waste of time.

I see there is Yuletide wank already, over an amusing definition of "rare fandom" that allows Hetalia and some Adam-Lambert-related thing to qualify but Discworld not. Ah, fandom, never stop being you!

Yuletide intimidates me. I have never been able to figure out how it all works. It doesn't help that it's now on the AO3, which baffles me to the point of frustration every time I try to find fic there. Say what you like about, it makes browsing & reading easy.

Anyway, speaking of ease of reading. If you read the fanficz0rz on an iPad or similar modern electronic book-reading widget, you might enjoy snagging an epub file for all my standalone stories. With that implemented, I have completed my fic archive tool feature checklist. It's quite possibly time for me to clean it up and make the leap from command-line tool to miniature web app.

Ficathon: rahirah is having a season 8 rage ficathon. As you know, Bob, I totally understand this urge. The Ethan Rayne ficathon was inspired by the same reaction to the first of many Whedon stupidities in season 8. I'm not reading the comics any more, but if you are and you're rolling your eyes hard enough that it hurts, fixing it with fic might be just the ticket. Heck, I might sign up just to write another Ethan story.

Ob TopGear-related content: 24 Hours of LeMONS. Endurance racing for $500 cars! One of our neighbors is participating in this.

And now! Back to Giles/Xander snark.
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Is there really such a thing as a $500 car anymore??? Hell, it costs nearly that much just to register it for a single year in California, doesn't it?
Say what you like about, it makes browsing & reading easy.

So true, and I think the problem is that Ao3 has clearly been designed for writers, not readers.

I wish someone could magically combine the good bits of Ao3 and, though, because I was just posting fic to for the first time in two years (since I only update my wips there anymore) and I immediately remembered why I don't post there. I get far more comments there than at Ao3, but the posting interface is so unintuitive and restrictive that it's just not worth the trouble...
My frustration wiht is that there are just SO MANY posts that when you get yours up, it's almost instantly buried by twenty other people posting theirs as well, so it's hard to get anyone other than friends to catch your work (those willing to go digging, ya know?) I liked for a very long time; their mods proofed *every* word that got sent, and they'd call you on something little like "it's" and "its." But they're also getting a little top heavy, much like

I'm considering seriously developing my own community, but not sure how I want to go about are a lot of great fics out there that disappear when authors take down their sites or blogs (which they have every right to -- but they should warn their fans first! lol). I feel like someone has to save some of these fics so that people coming into the fandom, or other fandoms, can enjoy these as much as the rest of us have...

but I'm a sap.
I like AO3 as a concept, it is easy to load stories onto and is a pretty good archive. But I do agree that reading anything of any length is somewhat cumbersome.
I so love seeing you working on Xander/Giles, especially of the snark variety. :)
anyone interested in an Ethan gig? Either a permanent website where the stories are Ethan centric, or a short-scale festival with some sort of accolades or prizes (even though I'm not sure what those would be yet -- that's another place where some advice would be in order, guys.) :-)

Thoughts? send me an email, hit my LJ, whatever's easiest for people, but this has been knocking around in my poor brain pan for quite a while now, so I'd really like some feedback.