I should make an "entitlement" tag just for this entry.

How I know it's raining: the cats are on top of me at a time of day when they're normally invisible. Plus the roof of the back deck is an awesome white noise generator when it's raining. It's a nice place to sit and work at the moment, so long as I'm bundled up in a blanket.

Mr P called me out to the yard the other night because some bird was out there screeching. It was sitting on a power wire, something big, with a big head. I brought him a flashlight and he lit the bird up for an instant. Big white face. Barn owl. While we stood watching it, Mr Fluffy Cow showed up on the fence-top cat highway. He made his way along the fences for the length of a yard. The owl watched him every step of the way, and watched him again as he crossed our back yard toward us. I don't think the cat was aware of it. Then it took off and flew away silently. It was creepy and cool at once.

Am re-reading all of Rari Coss's BG stories again because you evil people are not writing me new ones at the rate you ought to be. Must have inspiration, you know, when slogging in replotting hell. I think "Teacher's Pet" might be my favoritest BG story ever. Certainly it's in the top 5. It is the fic that has all meets all my idficcy needs in one sweet schmoopy package: flufic-style h/c, regular beaten-up h/c, Giles being an adorable parent, mature!Buffy, Scoobies in happy families. Plus I like Coss's plain, straightforward prose. Why do you each not write another one of these masterpieces per week, darn you all?

Anyway, it's inspiring as I struggle with deciding what to do with the knighting story mess. I might spend next week writing Giles/Xander snark as a change of pace. I need to post fic later this month. I have a deadline. This GX story might be the way to meet it, because it cannot get all huge and novella-length and plotty behind my back. It is short and conversation-laden. AND STAYING THAT WAY.

Today's music, performed live.
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<3 <3 Teacher's Pet! I also adore Love Heals All. Coss's BG work makes me very, very happy. Well, except for that Paul and Roger storyline. I could never get into that series, but maybe that's because of my deep dislike of OCs.
I just re-read Teacher's Pet. I still think it's super wonderful, but my one major complaint is that Rari makes that 12 yr old girl sound like she's about 6. Eh, maybe 8. Big pet peeve: most people cannot write children to save their lives. Makes me wish they'd simply avoid trying to do it altogether.
I was just thinking that myself. I thought some of Heather's immaturity could be due to her upbringing, but it seemed too much. I couldn't imagine any 12 year old climbing into someone's lap all the time.

Other than that - this is a wonderful story, and presses my h/c button in good ways. Thank you for the rec, antennapedia!
You know what occurred to me as I was thinking about this? I wonder if she initially conceived of Heather as being 7 or 8-ish, then realized that was too young for Slayer-hood. She then cranked the age up to 11, but still in her head Heather was younger. Dunno if that was the case, but that's the age I imagine Heather being in the story, anyway.
I couldn't imagine any 12 year old climbing into someone's lap all the time.

Also, the twirling when she's happy and needing people to read to her and tuck her in? Not happening.

I'm not sure why Rari couldn't have just made her 8 or 9. Is there some rule that Slayers need to be a certain age?