Watson likely stories

Damn damn damn damn damn.

Sent the story draft to Mr Pedia's Story Clinic, and he said to me, "You know what's wrong with it. There isn't enough conflict. Everything goes in straight lines. People need to be wrong more than they are."

Damn damn damn damn damn.

I know what I have to do, but it's so much work. Whinge, whinge.

Send a lot of coffee, please.
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Sorry, no coffee, but am sending assorted decadent baked goods.

Ah, yes, conflict. Which I so hate to incorporate into fic (as I've had more than enough in RL). However, in my original novel in its initial planning stages, I've decided I have to have not only conflict, but conflict from a dangerous crazy person. Ha! Take that ... er, um, sorry. Got carried away there.
Here, we'll form the Fic Conflict Support Group. Your story needs it! It'll be a more satisfying read with more conflict! Your character's successes will feel more meaningful!

There, there, it'll be okay. Sniffle.