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Somebody gives him a token to wear. You get one guess who.

I share with you now a gem I tripped across on my FOAF page here on LJ: Sense & Sensibility, chapter by chapter. I have no idea who Kelly R Fineman is, other than a wonderfully entertaining reader of Austen who is on my friends' friends list somewheres. Makes me want to re-read it, and I bet it'll strike you that way too.

Do you care about my barbell power clean personal record? No, you do not. Do you want to learn how to do a single-arm dumbbell snatch? No, you do not. That leaves me short on material this morning.

Do you wonder what modern knights would do as a practice sport instead of full-on clanky-armor tournaments? I bet you wonder that! All the time! Particularly if you were told that Giles will be participating, somewhat nervously. This is why I've been watching vids of MMA fighting on YouTube, something I never thought I'd be watching.

No, really. It's research.

Today's music is by lowercase noises. You can find vids of him performing all of the music on Ambient Songs live, and you can download the music for free from Band Camp. I should add: I love loops and drones, from the Fripp & Eno to Terry Riley on to anything shoegazey. I love what this guy is doing with a single guitar and a pedalboard.
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