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And now I must sleep or else.

I voted today. Two years ago, the last time we were at this particular polling place, I had pneumonia still and was feverish and weak. But there was no way I'd miss that election. This year was much easier, what with not being on the brink of death and everything. It was a lovely warm sunny morning, so we took the time to walk over. In reward we saw two raptors of some kind circling each other in the sky and screaming. I'm not sure what it was all about, but those birds have been living in the neighborhood for a while. Their call is distinctive. I don't know enough about birds to identify them. (Maybe I should find out!)

Jerry Brown appears to have won as governor of my state, which pleases me greatly. He's such a Californian icon.

Random: Bronte Sisters Power Dolls TV commercial.

Random: The New York Times is blogging the American Civil War (or as my husband refers to it, the War of Northern Aggression) 150 years later.

Random: The CIA and abstract expressionism. Woah.

Off-pissing: This is disgraceful. Fortunately they're being spanked properly in the comments. ETA: Comments all now hidden. You may imagine the tenor. There is the usual fandom wank reaction.

What, you want fannish content that isn't grumpy in these posts? So demanding. I'm still working on getting rid of the missing scenes in the knighting story. It's been a great idea, though, because the list of scenes to write is getting shorter... It's going to turn out to be one of my longest single stories. Am still struggling with Buffy's voice in this one. She keeps veering from flip to serious. Maybe I should just let her.
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