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And now I must sleep or else.

I voted today. Two years ago, the last time we were at this particular polling place, I had pneumonia still and was feverish and weak. But there was no way I'd miss that election. This year was much easier, what with not being on the brink of death and everything. It was a lovely warm sunny morning, so we took the time to walk over. In reward we saw two raptors of some kind circling each other in the sky and screaming. I'm not sure what it was all about, but those birds have been living in the neighborhood for a while. Their call is distinctive. I don't know enough about birds to identify them. (Maybe I should find out!)

Jerry Brown appears to have won as governor of my state, which pleases me greatly. He's such a Californian icon.

Random: Bronte Sisters Power Dolls TV commercial.

Random: The New York Times is blogging the American Civil War (or as my husband refers to it, the War of Northern Aggression) 150 years later.

Random: The CIA and abstract expressionism. Woah.

Off-pissing: This is disgraceful. Fortunately they're being spanked properly in the comments. ETA: Comments all now hidden. You may imagine the tenor. There is the usual fandom wank reaction.

What, you want fannish content that isn't grumpy in these posts? So demanding. I'm still working on getting rid of the missing scenes in the knighting story. It's been a great idea, though, because the list of scenes to write is getting shorter... It's going to turn out to be one of my longest single stories. Am still struggling with Buffy's voice in this one. She keeps veering from flip to serious. Maybe I should just let her.
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Almost anyone would have been better than Meg Whitman, but Jerry Brown may actually not suck.
He certainly has experience in government. UNLIKE WHITMAN. Zero experience, zero *interest*, but tons and tons of money. Save us from the ex-CEO presidents & governors.
Wow, the CIA stuff makes for fascinating reading, but as soon as I hit the words Farfield Foundation, I started thinking about what a tantalizing tidbit that would be for a bit of fiction...

And, wow. Fiction Alley needs a good smack from the reality booterang. Hopefully a dose of fan wank will do it.
Oh, don't worry, fandom is backlashing hard on this one! Metafandom today is full of links all about how poor poor FictionAlley is engaged in a worthy project after all. There's an anti-capitalist argument in there too somewhere. It's all very entertaining if you can manage not to be angry about the values on display.
I'm suddenly very glad I never really got into writing HP fiction and stayed away from that archive. I did go and vote for 10 charities who were ranked below them, though.
They really ought to have explained the situation to their readers and asked for funds. I haven't kept up on the linkage this morning, but I think I read something mentioned they were donated the hosting money they needed. Way less than the $25K they were asking for, but sufficient for a while.

Reading the list of projects on that Pepsi Refresh site made me aware once again that the US isn't a First World nation all the way through. A project to buy new shoes for kids entering school, because so many of them don't have shoes that fit or aren't horribly worn... God. And somebody wants me to value fanfiction over that?
I understand your argument, but I think that kind of line is drawn all the time. I hear people complain endlessly about putting money towards, say, the space program, while there are children starving and without health insurance in this country. Well, sure, when you put it *that* way...

Why should we ever fund the arts if we first haven't cured cancer? If you could only choose one, would you save a Van Gogh over a child? Of course not, but that doesn't mean the Van Gogh doesn't deserve protection, too.

I don't give a shit about HP or their stinky fandom, and I can see why what those people did seems unreasonable, but the people who lined up to say they feel "disgusted" and "dirty" over it? Gimme a break. Dumb idea, don't give, say your piece, but rant? Eh.

I thought katekat1010 brought up some interesting, clear-headed thoughts on the subject.
It's not as if I don't use my personal funds to help fic archives stay on the net. 'Cause as you probably know, I do. And I will do it again to keep Giles fic online. But if it came down to that vs the annual donation budget to help-people-not-die causes, guess which one wins? And guess who set up that choice as the one to consider? Fiction Alley itself.

You probably missed the first version of their "vote early & often" post, in which they said they'd be taking money away from projects like that, but that "starving children had lots of other ways to get grants". Wording similar to that. I think the wank post has the screencaps if you want the exact wording. I think that attitude is what prompted the disgust. It got worse when people read their project descriptions and started asking where the "educational programs" the site claimed to run were, and what their proposed budget was for spending the $25K, and why it was that they didn't go for more traditional fandom funding sources first. Their cofounder is on OTW's legal board, after all, a group that is known to have an interest in giving fanfic a permanent home. Though of course Tandy is also a wank superstar involved in an earlier fannish fundraising with wanky overtones. There's a context for everything, eh?

So, no, I'm not persuaded away from being disgusted by Fiction Alley there. Their misrepresentation of their project is *not* cool by me.

There's a way to get your fannish projects funded, and it's worth doing so. Wanna crowdsource? Try Kickstarter, which is all about the arts & entertainment. Probably you'll end up getting it the way all artists get their bucks, through the patronage of a few enthusiasts with a bit of cash. See: me rescuing the name registration for the ODD site.

I could talk for a long time about why the space program is almost unbearably worthy of way more societal effort than it gets. It starts with the computer you're reading this on right now. Try to miniaturize a circuit board; end up inventing the semiconductor. Keep a number theorist in chalk; get encryption a hundred years later. Basic research is awesome stuff. It's a long-term investment in society, just as feeding & educating our kids is a medium-term investment.
I hear you, I think the people sound like asses, but it just doesn't infuriate me. Dunno why.

I thought you rescued ODD. Well done, you!

I hear you on the non-fury. I'm over it too. Seems like the right things happened in the end: they get their hosting, Pepsi Refresh can continue to be yet another weird corporate charitable endeavor that ends up funding some random decent things, fandom is reminded that the first rule of Fic Club is that you don't talk about Fic Club.