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One, the Giants won. World Series time! In 2002, the last time they were there, I had a chunk of somebody's season tickets. I saw close to 30 games that season in person, including some of the postseason. I still have my scorecards from that year. Ah, baseball! After the ecstatic joy that was the 2004 postseason for the Red Sox, I gave my baseball fandom a rest for a while. I'm happy to enjoy it again this year in a casual fan way.

Two, it's raining. This means indoors restless cats who need way more attention than usual. I have a cat in my face right at this very moment. He's grooming and he has no concern whatsoever for my need to type. Or read my laptop screen. It is possible that this is some sort of protest about the state of his food bowl. He still has a twitching problem, though he seems healthy otherwise, so I indulge him and scritch his ears instead of flinging him.

Three, I did not participate Barbells for Boobs fundraiser this month, though I probably should have. There's still time. The workout is "Grace": 30 clean-and-jerks for time, at 85 pounds. This is what it looks like: grit plus raw energy plus seriously degraded form, to a delirious exhaustion. Crossfit in a nutshell.

Four, I fixed my story sequence problem. It's all about character arc, always. What do the characters want? What do they do to try to get it? Even in id-fic, the characters's desires are the engine that propels the plot forward. Gonna try to drive this version of the story to a complete draft in the next couple of days. It's about time for me to finish some of these things and post them for you.

Five, I have reached "Band Candy" in the Giles FTW picspam project. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Last, but certainly not least, sword kink: Men With Big Swords. Not necessarily with clothes. NSFW therefore.

What's the ups with you?
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