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Stay on target. Stay on target.

Still not done with a story draft, grrr. I might need to re-outline it because I am just not convinced by the current order of events.

Added some stories to my archive that had been missing; tweaked this and that. Re-read some things I've written this year while proofing the versions I've archived. "Uncanny Scoobies #1" is a better story than I'd feared, but it desperately needed at least one more draft. Ah well. Too late now. Hmm. I think I need a "sentimental tripe" tag for my fic archive. The story I just re-read could use it.

Yes, I'm procrastinating while staying near the story in headspace. That's not quite as bad as procrastinating by listening to Giants baseball on the radio, is it? 'Cause I've been doing that too. The Giants have one of the best broadcast teams in baseball, anchored by the amazing Jon Miller. It is a pleasure to listen to them analyze a game as it happens before them. Baseball belongs on the radio. I've never listened to football on the radio, though I suppose it's possible; have always thought of that as something you watch. I don't think it has the same tradition of storytellers in the booth that baseball has.

In re: the Giles episode-by-episode picspam project: Season 3 Giles is maybe my favorite. Season 3 BtVS is probably my favorite, come to that, though I've rewatched season 2 more often. His clothes are just gorgeous. And so is his haircut, especially early on in the season.
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