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"Would you like me to convince you?"

Cleaning day today. Oh, how I hates it. But I now have clean clothes, clean dishes, and one or two steps taken toward a clean back deck after explosions from two spousal projects. He never puts his tools away. Grr.

I chug away on a draft of the knighting story. Got done more writing today than in the last week, which is annoyingly unproductive of me. This story is silly at its heart. Not the goofy in tone sort of silly, but the premise is cracked out sort of silly. The set pieces are gratuitous, every one. There isn't enough conflict. The choices don't have heft. I don't care. It's id-arrific and I'm sticking with it to the gratuitous, sweet, wish-fulfilling end. So there.

I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow. I should have an uninterrupted day of work. So precious, those days.

I just got through selecting screencaps from "Dead Man's Party" for Giles FTW. That episode is simply chock-full of good Giles moments, from affection to snark to more snark to outright viciousness near the end. Yummy. I think I need to watch it instead of just reliving it via screenshot.

I flirt with other fandoms, but I think I'll be writing for this one until I stop writing for fandom altogether. Nothing else gets my storytelling brain going quite this way. I'll be the one shutting out the lights for Giles fandom, I'm afraid.
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