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I wrote this earlier this week and then completely failed to post it:

I was up half the night thanks to A Cat. Ms Inky Blot was, for once, not to blame. She chose to sleep on Mr P's ankles last night and the two of them snored happily. No, it was Mr Fluffy Cow who shattered my rest.

"Hi! I want to be groomed."
"Hi! I want more grooming. CHOMP."
"Hi! I want to curl up on your chest. Turn over. CHOMP."
"Hi! I'm hungry now."
"... Still hungry. Get up."

And of course since he was so ill recently, I'm still in indulgence mode. There he was, sprawled across my chest asleep, hind feet gently twitching, while I thought, um, can I possibly fall asleep with this cat twitching on top of me?

I can see a first draft of the knighting story from where I stand now. I realized some time yesterday that there are a couple of key scenes unwritten, yes, but most of what's left is just connective bits. And I know what needs to happen in the key scenes, thanks to obsessive outlining, so hey.

... A timeless post. I cannot deprive you of the joys of reading about my cats. So here's more. Last night, Ms Blot decided that sleeping on top of me was the greatest thing indeed. Did you know that cats meow when they dream? They totally do. Or Ms Blot does, anyway. I exist in a state of perpetual sleep deprivation thanks to my cats.

ObTV: Mr Pedia and I caught up on House last night. Excellent. I am enjoying this season greatly. I feel as if I'm getting the payoff I wanted from the previous six seasons of television. Though I sort of want to punch Chase.

ObMeta: I think I might be done with fandom culture as a whole. I'm having an eye-rolling problem when I read outside my flist. Fandom secrets isn't amusing any more, and the wank comms have been infected by humorless politics. Bah. Time to pull back to fic-writing, fic-reading, and art-enjoying. And along the lines of that declaration...

Your Buffy/Giles moment for today: "A Moment of Reflection", by Darklady, over on A bit of season 5-ish fluff that you might enjoy.
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