Haven't had that tragic steamroller accident yet.

Have been away from things fannish for the last week or so, not by any plan but just because of major distraction and busy-ness. I attempt to catch up with you all now via the flist. What is the ups otherwise? Anything good going on?

We are all caught up with Warehouse 13 aaaaaaand... it's okay. Season 2 is better than season 1, that's for sure. I'm not sure why Mr Pedia was so dead-set on watching it all, but he was, and so we did it. Slings & Arrows isn't on iTMS so I'm not sure how to acquire it, but I hope to hook Mr P on that next. I might also manage to sucker him into watching this season of House with me.

The fitness kick continues to go well. I go on & on about it tediously on my real-life blog, so I won't do so much of that here.

I saw drsquidlove last week, and she has an evil plan to coax more Giles/Xander fic out of you all. She egged me on with my plan to resurrect the Drunken Giles ficathon (since the person who used to run it has moved on from fandom). I think perhaps late in November I will collect prompts for such a thing. *hic*

I haven't had time to get writing done in the last week. The current project is still the knighting story, as the one that is already the most laughably behind its deadline. Perhaps I will go poke at it now. I feel the itch. You could also, you know, inspire me by posting your own Gilesy fic. Nudge nudge.
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I've decided I'm not sure I like my 80s love song idea. But if not that, I'll do something else. I'll take a couple of days to mull... but no longer. Something small and easy needs to happen very soon.

I'm so sorry I missed seeing you again before I left!

You know that bit where I said I'd be near my email all day? Yeah, I wasn't. Got your mail way too late :(. Ah, well, there's always Las Vegas in July!

Small & easy & Giles+Xander: I will be there writing something.
I cancelled my Netflix sub when I realized I'd been sitting on a DVD at home for six months. Oops. I am their profit source! Might reconsider. I have friends working there now, so giving them money satisfies the "support friends in their enterprises" approach to consumer choice.

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