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Sitting sideways in the armchair.

Okay. Middle of season 2, and Warehouse 13 is finally growing on me. It's the Claudia-Artie duo of amusement. They also appear to have suddenly hired a writer. An actual writer! Not to mention an interesting foil mumble mumble. I like it when they go to the funny place. They're not so great at the drama.

indri is posting a long-ish Giles in season 7 fic called "Halfway There". Here's chapter 1. It's complete but being posted in multi-chapter chunks. Gen, about the same rating as the show itself.

polly1esther has posted a new vid! "Patience", Buffy/Giles.

Back to work with me now.
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Are you coming to dinner with everyone tomorrow?

And if so, would you like to come earlier, some time in the afternoon so we can have more Buffy-chatting time?

That works for me, 'cause I have a lunchtime thing to do as well. I'll pop in around 3:30-ish therefore.
Hey, I'm up!
If you want to come over, we're around.

Sorry I didn't poke ealier - I managed to actualy sleep in, hooray!