What's the what now?

Projects under active development:

- Giles/Xander fic for postholedigger for help_pakistan.
- Giles/Buffy fic for seldomifever for help_pakistan.
- Giles/Buffy knighting fic for het_idcrack prompt (very late, oh well).

Do I owe anybody else fic for any reason? nutterbudgie, do I owe you anything? I feel like I've lost track of something. If only I had some sort of electronic brain device to remember things for me. Mrphle. Blurt. Time for more coffee now.
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Yeah, I thought you owed Nutterbudgie a story, too. Or maybe the one you gave her was part of that Giles-Uncle Whosiwhatsit story. It's all a blur.

Yay for my new fic! :D :D
Budgie wanted unspecified BG of any kind, so I'm not sure if she's satisfied with what I've written since or not. If not, I will write more BG! THE HORROR. (I have a pile of unfinished stories I could pick up.)
On a sidenote: me.

So's you know, I'll be staying with Glo this Mon through Fri. There is possibly a cinema trip on Monday, except I don't know if there's anything at all to see. But any visit in that space that works for Glo works for me.

Re: On a sidenote: me.
Well, then! I'll shake out the schedule and show up on Monday! And then we can see what happens.