It's all about oxygen.

Music: I've been enjoying Loscil for the quiet electronic ambience, but it shades a bit toward glitch. Not enough melodic stuff going on to hold my attention forever. It's nice background music for writing, though. Try "Endless Falls" to figure out if you like it.

Life explosion: Fight Gone Bad is this coming Saturday. I'm as prepared as I'm going to be this year. I did trial runs twice last week so I know what I'm in for and how much time I'll be spending on the floor making sweat angels afterwards. Did you know that I can push-press 55 pounds 30 times in 60 seconds? I didn't know that until this weekend.

Reading: Banned Books Week is next week, and it is perhaps time for my once-per-decade re-read of Huck Finn. Except that I have Dust and Blackout sitting next to my bed.

Teevee: The season 1 finale & season 2 opener of Warehouse 13 were exercises in lame writing. If this doesn't start getting better soon I'm going to ... uh, tut-tut a lot? And stop watching? Mr P's reaction: "The writers are just pissing me off here." And yet, I like all of the characters. Sigh. We're sticking with it. Doggedly.

I have only watched the first three minutes of the House season premiere, but my reaction is that those first three minutes are a hurt/comfort fan's dream. Particularly if you ship mumble, which I do, so yay. Let's see what the remaining 40 minutes do... It is already about 40x better than Warehouse 13. That is a scientific estimate. [ETA: mild spoilers now in comments.]

Buffy Season 8 comics: Just say no.
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Have you seen Slings and Arrows yet? It's wonderful. You guys should check it out when you have the chance.

Hey, and good luck on Sat with your sweaty exercisey thing. Sounds hard. You go, Antenna! :)
I will flatten myself on Saturday. It'll be fun. I will moan the next day about how much I hurt, and Mr P will inform me that it's a self-inflicted wound, and all will be well.

"Slings & Arrows" is on the list. (So funny that the title is obviously a singular noun there despite the plurality of the words comprising it. I love language!)
I second the S&A rec, and add that Dust and Blackout are both damned fine books.
You guys join a long line of people who have told me to watch Slings & Arrows. I will cue it up for when we're done with Mr P's Warehouse 13 kick. Let's see if it's on iTMS...
The husband still is getting Buffy Season 8 but is considering dropping it altogether. I stopped reading it a long time ago, but the husband suffering from "Smallville Syndrome" when it comes to Buffy.
There's a sort of "watch the train wreck in progress!" attraction to them. But they're not good, and I can see echoes all over my flist of people being upset about what's in them and the meta about what's in them. So I'm avoiding them from here out, despite the temptation.

Or re-reading the much-much-earlier Buffy origins comics storyline, which is semi-canonical and doesn't do violence to the characters we know and love.
Did you know that I can push-press 55 pounds 30 times in 60 seconds?

Well, yeah, of course I did. I've known you are totally badass for quite a while now! :)

sweat angels... ::giggles:: Love it!
The great thing is how fast I went from noodle to bad-ass. 2 years! That was it! Of course, I still have a long way to go. Time to get thinner now.
I liked the House premiere. I'm a H/C shipper, have been since the pilot, and yes, it was nice to see smooching. I also liked that the ep was more or less dedicated to such a big change in one of the central character dynamics of the show, since that felt kind of deserved.

Bits of it were a tadge twee for me, but at least it ended on a nice ambiguous note of 'cripes'.

I wanted House to make a Winnie the Pooh reference so badly when Wilson was stuck in the window.

And I kind of wanted stoned!neurosurgeon to become a recurring character. As long as he stayed stoned.

So yeah. H/C happiness. But unlike those flailing with their squee at the H/C comm, I'll freely admit that I'm also looking forward in a big way to seeing how this thing just goes kablooey. Does that make me a bad person? Or at least a bad shipper?
It would be unrealistic if it didn't go kablooey.

Stoned!neurosurgeon was awesome. I liked Foreman. I liked Taub. Chase drove me buggy.

I liked the view of Hugh Laurie + Macbook + nothing else. So much sex all in one place!
Hee! And I saw his interview on the Ellen show (is that the right name?) where he bemoaned the way laptops can get very, very warm...

Taub is a big fave of mine. Chase I generally tune out. I've come to like Thirteen in pretty much every scene she does that doesn't include Foreman. Foreman himself, alas, has not been a draw for me to this show for three seasons or so. I thought that his dramatic arc had found its finish line after that double ep where he was in isolation and dying in agony. Since then, everything the show has tried to do with him (including this constant push to try out ideas like 'Foreman is turning into House' or 'Foreman is already House' or 'Foreman doesn't want to be like House' in their various and inter-contradictory forms) has failed rather impressively, for me.

Thing is, once we had Taub (and, to an extent, Thirteen) we didn't need Foreman any more. The main ingredient he brought to the dramatic mix was 'can stand up to House'. We have that from others. I don't know why he's still there. And for me, he's become this sort of 'black hole' in the middle of the drama, sucking the fun and charisma and interest out of every storyline and scene he's in.

I feel bad saying it. Omar Epps is obviously a splendid chap, going from the DVD extras, and I have no qualms about his acting talent. It's just the character. I'm fed up with him, I don't see his point, and unlike all the other current characters I don't find his dislikable qualities interesting and watchable.