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In which I am completely dissatisfied with my progress.

Today was Iceland replotting day. Why oh why did I get myself tangled up in writing a travelogue for a country I've never been in? And what is this, the third redraft of the synopsis? The synopsis itself is longer than most of what passes for fanfic on LJ. (Says the woman craving epic BG in a terrible way right now.) It's definitely in novella territory.

Giles/Xander is, in comparison, going okay. That's set in a coastal California town. I can cope with that. I don't have to read about the history, literature, geography, and geology of anything in particular for it. I'm not feeling the smuttiness on this one, though. I've got snark, rain, and tea. Do I have to have smut for completeness? I know what you're going to say.

Apparently I'm only capable of writing quickly if the fires of a hellish deadline are pursuing me. So perhaps I will create one for myself.

Have been completely detached from all things fannish for the last week. Is anything interesting going on? I have vague ideas in my head for Sherlock fic, which is not all that surprising given that Holmes is one of those lifetime fandoms for me. But if I do commit such an indiscretion, it'll be written in isolation from whatever the fandom is doing, because I haven't been reading it. (There's too much! Too fast! I don't have the time to sort out the crap from the good stuff! Is there a recs comm?)
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