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Dear LJ, you know what I really want? It isn't connections to other social networks that your user base is either too old-fashioned to care about or is deliberately avoiding by being over here on stodgy old LJ. No. What I want is reliable comment notifications. That's all. I'll accept those in lieu of v-gifts, Facebook share this links, and migration to Vox. [NB: timely joke.]

I'm over here answering comments that I somehow totally missed. Hrrmph.

Random reading: There is new Iain M. Banks on the way. I have such mixed feelings about him. I am madly fanatic about some of his books and at the same time really worn down by, er, his protagonists's general failures to get anywhere near their aims. "Really cool alien technology rocks fall; everyone dies" summarizes too many of his endings. I'll probably read this anyway.

There is also new Connie Willis incoming.

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I read "Against a dark background" some times ago and it was the first time I tried Banks' sci-fi works.
I loved the universe, with its history and multiethnicity, all the places, the Lazy Gun and its effects, and the fight against growing old. However, I was a bit disappointed with the characters, who weren't as described as the background. The ending was also disappointing (OMG, the guy is a backstabbing bastard, who wouldn't have thought, like since page 1, and the messiah is family!), in view of the page-turning story. Strangely, the "everybody dies" didn't bother me too much.
So, a good if somewhat flawed read, and maybe I should try other Banks' novels. Which one would you recommend?
The Player of Games is a straightforward introduction to his Culture universe. I reread this one fairly often!