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My Friday status report.

Knighting story is the fanfic focus this week. 14K words and maybe half of the mass of raw dough required for a first draft in place. Bah. The scrapes I get myself into. This is nothing compared to the mountain of work ahead of me in my other project. Eep.

I'm not sure what I'll be writing starting next week, though! It'll either be Giles/Xander or Giles/Buffy, prompts as yet unknown. I will be writing to the spec of whoever wins me in the Pakistan flood relief auction for help_pakistan. But who will that be?

There's a bidding war in progress on my offer thread.. Bidding closes at Sunday Aug 29 at 1pm EDT. If you want to get involved in the war, the cost of entry right now is, ulp, $81. I oscillate between feeling embarrassed, flattered, pleased, and simply happy that we'll be donating a nice amount to Doctors Without Borders and whatever organization the winner prefers.
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