In which I take a stand on formats for the future.

My fic archive generator tool can now make epub files for stories in the archive. Epub is the ebook document format used by readers like the iPad. I haven't deployed the results onto my site yet because I have not yet made a stylesheet for the files that makes them look good while remaining readable. Must maintain some kind of standards for typography and layout, etc.

I've forgotten by this point, but I think the reason I rewrote the whole tool in Ruby the other day was that I wanted to be able to use a specific Ruby epub library I'd found. Python has nothing anywhere near as usable. Anyway, wasn't a hard project. Half of an afternoon to get it going, and most of that time was spent generalizing (aka dehackifying) parts of my infrastructure.

Yeah. I'm procrastinating. You figured it out.
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I'm looking for a programming language to try. My hubby is a web programmer so naturally I gravitate that way. What is your favourite language to work with?
For your first programming language, Python all the way. Learn good habits without suffering! Python's neat.
but you do it so well (procrastinate) LOL and it's fun!

hey Barb & I are planning on getting together Sun pm for watching stuff & pretending to work on our crafty type could come & pretend w/ us
Am busy Sunday morning (skinning my knees at the climbing gym) but I think my Sunday afternoon is free. Ping me by mail (if you haven't already) letting me know when & where & what to bring. POWER PROCRASTINATION!