Bid on me. Make me write.

Yo! Natural disasters pretty much suck. People die both immediately and in the aftermath, when public health systems get overwhelmed or are simply nonfunctional. That's when relief organizations do their jobs. Which they need money to do. Enter help_pakistan: fanworks up to the highest bidder, all winning bids donated to charitable organizations to help with Pakistan flood relief.

My bid thread is here. Bidding is open now and continues until sometime Friday, August 28. The organization of my choice is, as usual, Doctors Without Borders.

You can either give me a Giles-y prompt (you know the drill) or demand I finish a story in progress. (I can list some possibilities if you like.) Though I'm the world's slowest writer these days, I nonetheless plod along. And perhaps with a deadline looming over me, I'll manage to finish something.

Er, that was a bit defeatist. Let's try that again. Now! For a limited time only! Your chance to get me to write something with a built-in incentive to finish! Act now!
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you know, I literally just clicked away from browsing the offers to see this. :D

I've got commitments for gulf_aid so I think I'll be sitting the first auction out, but I'm tempted to bid.
I need to check out who else in my fandoms is offering stuff! There's probably no kind of a tagged list anywhere, for simple overwhelm-the-mods logistical reasons.

I note that postholedigger is determined to win my services this time around! :D