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Oh noes! Top 5 meme me, baby.

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or literary or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Fandoms, Disney cartoons, women in my fandoms, OTPs, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs. And I will answer them all in a new post (or in comments or in skywriting).

Ganked from just about everywhere. Possibly just the thing to jar the brain loose.

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Top 5 canon moments that make you think that Buffy and Giles are totally doing it ;)
Ooh, tricky, because generally what I think canon is telling me is that they really want to be doing it, they should be doing it, they'd both be happier if they were doing it, but Buffy is busy having one stupid relationship after another with a series of men who don't understand her or value what she is instead. But that aside...

"Phases", caught in Lover's Lane.

"Bad Girls", when they wordlessly bond against Wesley, but he nudges her into cooperating anyway because she should.

"The Freshman", when she has a jealous fit over finding Olivia in his flat wearing nothing but his shirt.

"Pangs", when they bicker over his non-existent ricer while she cooks in the "patriarch's" flat.

"Out of My Mind", when he shows her the training room at the back of the Magic Box while she completely ignores Riley's by-then-annoying existence.
Tv moments
I would like your top 5 tv moments that make you happy every time. And show any genre any moment.
Re: Tv moments
"Vat do you vant, you moon-faced assassin of joy?" Londo to Vir, season 1 Babylon 5.

The moment Giles slams the copy of Vampyr down in front of Buffy and looks so pleased with himself. Because of everything that follows.

All of "Band Candy", season 3 Buffy.

"Storage compartments? Storage compartments? The what, the what?" And then the moment the tribbles pour out of said storage compartments onto Kirk's head. Star Trek, of course.

"This is the song written for the train chase / this is the chase, Rocky and Ken / He tried to kill me with a forklift! / olé!" MST3k, Fugitive Alien.

(Edit because the forklift moment needed a youtube link, oh yes.)

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Re: Tv moments
Nice, couldn't agree more on most. Not a Babylon Fiver, so of course I gotta go check it out.
Re: Tv moments
It's a great TV show. Special effects are dated, but just glaze your eyes over while you're watching those and enjoy the story itself.

I played that clip for Mr Pedia yesterday and he started giggling and couldn't stop. That's how awesome Londo is.
Your top 5 "I wish I could have tagged along with the hero" books.
Hmm! This is a tricky one for two reasons. First, because when we read a book, we sort of tag along with the hero just through the act of reading. But let's suppose we make it real-- we're really there along with the hero. Now we're experiencing first-hand the reality of the lives of heroes: they mostly have a really hard time of things, these heroes.

WIth that in mind... Think think think.
Top five books you wish you'd written.

And top five characters you'd shag. (because someone needs to lower the tone of this meme :-DD )
Top five books I wish I'd written.
John M. Ford, The Final Reflection. The best piece of fanfiction I have ever read. A bildungsroman for a Klingon. Screw ST:NG. This is how Klingons really are. Cleverly structured in a way that illustrates its theme, strong prose. A great SF novel as well as great fanfic. RIP Mike Ford.

Dorothy Sayers, Murder Must Advertise. The Nine Tailors is her best novel, but I love this one for the verbal pyrotechnics. Advertising slogans, jingles, campaigns. A view into the life of an London advertising firm in the 1920s, with details drawn from Sayers' own experience in one. Plus catapults, and an inexcusable yet fun cricket match featuring the prowess of Lord Peter Sue. Whoever it was he was based on, Sayers was rather embarrassingly in love with him. And yet, and yet, I'll re-read this cheerfully any day. I wish I could pull off that kind of clever wordplay.

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods. In which Mr Pratchett gets marvelously pissed off about religion, and works it out while making his readers laugh helplessly. I wish I could write something this morally outraged yet so light-handed.

Iain M. Banks, Use of Weapons. In this choice you can see again my love for structural games. The title is excellent. Banks is inventive as usual, and hideously nasty to his characters, also as usual. There's a reveal that is a serious whammy that made me go back and re-read it straight away to see if Banks set it up fairly. And he did, and I ought to have figured it out myself, and wow. I wish I could do that.

Jack Vance, "The Moon Moth". I dunno why, but I love Vance's weirdness and his strange cultures, invented and described in detail for three pages then left behind and forgotten entirely by his wandering everyman heroes. I wish I'd written this. Someday I'll write something that's sort of like it.
Re: Top five books I wish I'd written.
I've only read one of these: Terry's 'Small Gods', which is still one of my favourites of his works.

So.. the combination of clever wording and tight plotting will make you wish you'd written that particular book? Or is an either/or response?
Re: Top five books I wish I'd written.
I am a sucker for structural games!
The clever wordplay often snags me, but probably isn't enough by itself.

"Use of Weapons" is unusual in this list in that it is the only one that is (hrm, finding a way not to be spoilery here) a downer in that the hero is thwarted in the pursuit of his/her goals. I generally love best the books in which the protagonists get to, if not where they wanted to go at the start, at least to where they needed to go after all.
Re: Top five books I wish I'd written.
That sounds really interesting. I'll add it to my 'To Read' list. I actually enjoy endings where everything does not go as planned.
Top five characters I'd shag.
James Bond, Daniel Craig edition. Nummy.

Mr Darcy, Colin Firth edition. Do I have to justify this one?

Archie Leach. Remember him? John Cleese's character in A Fish Called Wanda. He claims he's a good lover, or was once upon a time, and I bet he's right. He's got Cary Grant's real name, after all.

Crash Davis, Bull Durham. Man enough to have sex in a bathtub filled with floating scented candles, driven enough to head off afterward to finish off the minor league home run record.

And yeah, I'd shag our favorite Watcher/librarian too.
Re: Top five characters I'd shag.
Never doubted Giles would come up, even for a second :-D

With you on Darcy.

As for the Craig edition of Bond, he's as good to look at as ever, but that version of Bond scares the hell out of me. I do think he's much more interesting than the other versions, but he's a little too sociopathic even by my standards, and given I like Jayne, Jack Sparrow, and prefer Ripper to Giles, that's saying something!