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Whinging about the non-whinge-worthy.

I have an enormous number of fic reviews to respond to over on Where "enormous" is an integer between 5 and 10.

The plotting corner I have written myself into in Reconnection is intimidating. The obvious path out might be the path I have to take, because it's the one that doesn't let people wriggle out of consequences for their actions.

The knighting story has its plotting problems solved, but the amount of writing remaining intimidates me. Still, this is the story I'm most likely to pick up and write random bits in, because there's enough structure in place that I can write random bits when I'm in the mood.

The Iceland story is missing huge chunks of plot entirely, but has some ridiculously vivid scene-setting. Well, at least in my head it's vivid. Dunno if the prose works out that way for any other readers.

I really really really need to finish that plot summary for the original story project. My characters are all called Archetype1, Archetype2 and so on instead of having names, but that's okay. The character sketches have been fun to do.
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