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A series of subject-free sentences.

Have new project in motion. It is non-fannish in the sense that it is original work, and if all goes well it will be distracting me greatly.

Watched most of "The Pack" the other day and was reminded that Nick Brendan looked great then. Not so great later, with short hair and bloated from alcoholism. That guy needed to have his hair flopping into his face at all times for maximal cuteness. Also, "The Pack" reminded me that I universally hate the musical taste of the BtVS producers at the same time that I realize it's all well chosen for the demographics and mood.

Listening to Filo & Peri's bootleg remix of the Heroes theme and wondering what the hell happened to that show. Such a good first season, such junk afterwards.

Bonus reading: Coast2Coast wrote some of my favorite Giles-centric stories back in the Of Demons & Destiny mailing list days. Which I came along too late for, but that archive was the first Gilesy archive I found on the net when I went looking for BtVS fanfiction, and it was a formative experience for me. (Large multi-author archives are good. Wish there was a current one for Giles fic.) Anyway, Coast2Coast posted a new-to-me story on this weekend. I snagged it for the newsletter, but wanted to point it out here too. "Emergency Contact", Giles/Buffy friendship, a bit angsty. She's reposted updated versions of a couple of other stories too.

Random: So you want to design a company logo?
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