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My cat just chomped my foot.

And lo, the Lich King did die in ICC25 yet again, and meanwhile in ICC10 the achievements are complete, and my resto druid has a nifty drake. And it was good. And ICC is now sort of boring. Can has expansion nao plz?

I wrote 1400 words of story summary yesterday and I believe I have sorted out my plotting problems. Now I need to break it down into scenes that need rendering and stuff that doesn't, and think some more about my backstory. Then I can write some of the fun bits as a reward. There are a lot of fun bits in this one.

I have been doing a lot of writing while sitting out on my back deck, particularly in the evenings. It's been cool enough that I have a blanket on the sofa with me out there to wrap around my legs. The blanket isn't enough at the moment, neither is the cotton sweater. It's windy. Brrr. Ms Inky Blot often joins me out here with that enthusiastic surprise cats have when they encounter their humans out of doors. I have also witnessed Mr Fluffy Cow traversing the roof of the deck. (It's a transparent plastic ridgey thing, which makes the deck almost like another room of the house. But it affords silly cat-watching very nicely.)

Bonus reading: theoreme's new story, "A Wizard's Agreement". Rupert Giles, 7th year Ravenclaw, is a crossover concept that works for me. Part 1, part 2 of 2.

O hai Ms Blot. Ow! She's attacking my feet under the blanket. Hey!
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