Unfinished projects

I was curious how much I really had in progress and unfinished. I just methodically went through the folder with all my fanfic and noted all the ones that weren't mere prompt notes, but had some significant writing in them.

27 unfinished stories with meaningful work already done. Argh. The ones at the top of the list are the ones I've been working on recently.

Liegeman part 7, "Serenity", BG kink
"Maundy Thursday" (working title), BG fic in response to the h/c prompt poll
"Shotgun Wedding" (working title), BG post-Cruciamentum Council forced marriage
"The Iceland One", BG in Iceland, "Dormant" sequel
"Knights of St Dunstan" (working title), BG het idcrack knighting story
"Big Sky" (working title), Buffy/Giles/Xander post-Chosen angst
the one with Giles, Ethan, and Buffy in Hell, GEB post-Gift AU, "Liberation" prequel
Ars Draconis part 4, "Dragon's Hide", gen
"Once and Future Watcher", angsty future fic, gen
"Exam Week", Buffy/Oz/Xander heavy kink
Tradition & Protocol part 2, "Consolidation", BG
"Partners" part 2, G/X
untitled Doctor Who crossover, Second Doctor, Ethan, Giles, pre-series
"Catalysts", BG post-Cruciamentum horrible ritual magic
"Trapped in a Cave Cliche Fic", BG post-Cruciamentum alchemical magic
the BG mpreg one
"The Barrow Wight" (working), GX season 6 AU
"Rough Boys" completion, GX kink, Xander dominant
"The Schoolboy Kink one", GX kink, Giles dominant
"What We Talk About When We Talk About Love", GX season 4
Helios Hyperion continuation: the morning after "Fenrisulfr", BG post-Chosen
"The Adventure of the Displaced Watcher" sequel, more gen Holmes crossover timetravel
"Breaking Glass" verse storyline, seasons 2 & 3 retold, 50K+ words, G/E, G/B
Reconnection part 4, BG season 6 AU
"The Signet Ring", BG time travel post-Becoming
Thusia-verse pre-season-1 story & a Cruciamentum climax, BG
"And Wesley Makes Four", B/G/W/W post-s3 smut

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You're a braver writerist than I am. Goodness knows what I'd find, if I undertook a similar exercise. I have unfinished projects ranging from scraps to stories of a dozen chapters or so. I'd be astonished if the total numbered less than fifty across all my (admittedly numerous) fandoms. And some of them I haven't touched for years.

I'll see your 'yow' and raise you an 'eeeeeeep...'
The oldest unfinished thing dates from about when I start writing fanfiction in 2006. So I've been abandoning scraps of fic the whole darn time. Some of them are more than scraps. The longest unfinished story in that pile is over 50,000 words. Ouch.

Sigh. Why do we do this to ourselves? I think I know why I do it. It's because I get stuck, and I pick up something else to tinker with, and before I know it, it's been six months.
I think I know why I do it. It's because I get stuck, and I pick up something else to tinker with, and before I know it, it's been six months.

Yup, that's how it goes with me too. I'm also easily distracted. By shiny things. And bumble bees.

My fandoms tend to cycle quite naturally, but there are some I keep coming back to more than others. So I could look at my unfinished stories and predict which ones are likely to be picked up again at some point, and which ones have pretty much had it.

Anyway. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!
Hey, I don't see anything on Watcher's Child on that list. What's up with that? *wants more*
Oh. I skipped it somehow. I have a bunch of writing in the take on "The Dark Age" in it. Make that 28.
Oh my, you have me salivating now waiting for the next stories to come. There are so many continuations that I have been following for quite awhile and now I know that you are still working on them. So happy you made me.
I'm trudging slowly forward! I really am. I just keep losing faith in my writing and setting things aside. Doh.
That's quite a list. I know how frustrating it can be to look at your WIP list and know you'd love to write more but nothing's coming. Anything I can do to help get the creative juices flowing? Sounding board? Virtual chocolate?

The ones I, personally, want to see the most:
Shotgun Wedding
the Dormant sequel
the knighting one
Once and Future Watcher
Holmes crossover
Signet Ring
I've been bouncing between the forced-marriage one and the knighting fic this week. They're very different in language and structure, and it's pretty fun to work on them both. I dunno what I need to finish them, though. Some kind of payoff for the grunt work? A deadline? I don't even know.
Err... from the land of anon lurkers, the G/X schoolboy kink one sounds, um, very educational. And something I'd like to read. For education.