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Morning pages, undeleted.

I just rummaged through a zillion screencaps for "What's My Line" part 2, and woah, there's a lot of Giles and Buffy looking at each other, or sitting back to back, or just generally interacting. They also spent season 1 giving each other very cute looks. Whereas if you want evidence of Giles and Xander existing in the same place at the same time, you don't get it. You have to wait for season 4 for that, other than the lovely h/c-ish bit at the end of "Becoming" part 2.

Apparently the BtVS season 8 motion comics are even worse than previously imagined.

Bonus reading: The sappiest, soppiest, most over the top romantic BG fic ever, "Not Even The Rain", by Denorios. I don't even care. Sometimes mush is what I want.

Bonus music: Am very fond of the latest slab of cheese sliced by Aly & Fila. But I can't pretend it isn't cheese.
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